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Set Goals to End the Year Feeling Stronger

With summer coming to a close, the holiday season can get hectic for many people.  Balancing family events, traveling, and organizing special occasions can hinder the self-care you deserve and actually need to survive the rest of the year.  These simple goals can help you obtain a healthy self while balancing a busy schedule.

Rest up.

Sleep is one of the number one items to prevent stress, to help increase metabolism, and to supply you with more energy.  To create a planned schedule that allots time for rest can actually allow you to function better and accomplish a busy schedule with more energy.  Breathing exercises to calm a busy mind can be the perfect practice at bed time to help promote a night of sound sleep.

Move around.

Exercise tends to take a back row seat when life gets overwhelming.  Realizing that you need to make time and hold fitness as a priority can make for a more balanced schedule.  Sign up for your Pilates sessions that have a cancellation policy to help create accountability.  Allowing your body this short period of time for movement can actually help rejuvenate your energy levels and make long to-do lists seem less daunting.

Challenge your diet.

When a family’s poor eating habits become habitual, it makes it that much harder for an individual to try to live a healthy lifestyle.  Knowing that the holidays are filled with goodies and treats eliminates the plausible excuse of just splurging the one time. There are countless events and get togethers that start making these habits a lifestyle.  Instead, try a family challenge to eat greens. Make it a rule to eat a vegetable three times throughout the day.  Staying full off of nutrient filled foods can help a family unit keep the weight off and stay energized for the holiday season.


Hydration is a simple way to keep the body moving.  Eight full cups of water a day to hydrate and offset snacking and high-calorie drinks supply more sustenance and overall full-body health. If this seems difficult, grab a large water bottle and make sure it's always next to you. Set goals to schedule certain amounts of water during the day before opting for a sweet or salty treat.  This will help offset not only poor eating habits, but it is something that takes no extra time at all.

Prioritize yourself.

Goals are what make for constant success.  Life is ever-changing and constantly demanding.  Self-care and health are necessities and need to be made a priority.  Staying healthy can help dictate the entire rest of your year.


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