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What to Expect in a Pilates Reformer Flow 1

Trying Pilates for the first time?  Be ready for an experience foreign to any other.  You will leave feeling rejuvenated and more energized in a way that you never have before.  Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind during your first couple of sessions in a Reformer Flow 1 at Club Pilates.

It's OK if you shake.

During any Pilates session you’ll find yourself shaking when executing various exercises, and that shaking is exactly what helps strengthen your joints.  The point of shake is feedback from your body labeling where instabilities and imbalances are.  That’s the area where we need the work.  It’s challenging your muscles and joints from all directions instead of just one way.  This is where the deeper core strength is obtained versus simply working the bigger muscles with less control.

The equipment looks crazy.

When you walk into a Pilates studio there are going to be various pieces of equipment.  The Reformer is the main apparatus that you will be working on using the straps and springs.  Allow yourself time to get used to the new motions, and be prepared to feel muscles that you’ve never felt before!!  The Exo Chair, Bosu, spring board, and TRX are all different pieces of equipment that you will also be using.  They all add variety and constant challenge to each class session, so you are guaranteed to never be bored!

The words are fancy.

Along with the different equipment, there is also the new and diverse vocabulary to keep in mind.  Pilates is unlike any other form of fitness.  Most clients are used to hearing how to move from a fitness instructor, but learning how to move using specific muscles can be an eye opener.  Allow yourself patience with the new verbiage and understand that it takes time to get the physical changes desired by changing the way we think during each motion. Change is hard for everyone, but results are made when we allow ourselves to change.

You'll move better than you ever have.

A Reformer Flow 1 gets back to the foundations of how a body should move properly. With that, it requires change in how we move in our everyday life and how we think.  Be prepared to leave a session feeling energized versus beat up.  Joseph Pilates always said that it takes 10 sessions to feel the difference, 20 sessions to see the difference, and 30 sessions to have a totally new body.  Enjoy the process and be ready to have a happier and healthier you!!




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