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Apparatus Focus: The Cadillac

No, we’re not talking about the car. We’re talking about a piece of Pilates equipment that has earned its name because it has so many bells and whistles. The Cadillac is an original piece of Pilates equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. Although the Cadillac may look daunting, you can do many of the exercises you do using the Reformer and Tower. Using different attachments such as arm springs, leg springs, pull down bars and pull through bars, you can focus on your core stability, strength and flexibility. Many say that you can do about 75% of what you can do on the Cadillac using the Tower. However, the Cadillac also allows you to challenge yourself by using the trapeze, the canopy, and the soft loops. As you become more advanced on the Cadillac, you can do more acrobatic moves, including hanging upside down!

Because it does have so many components, Private Training sessions are the best way to practice on this apparatus. Not only is it great for advanced movements, but you can also mimic several of the exercises you would do in your normal group classes. By signing up for Private Training, your instructor can focus on correct placement of the body. If you’re looking to expand your Pilates practice, we recommend Private Training sessions to get started on the Cadillac. Contact your local studio today for a free private assessment!



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