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Practice Better Posture and Reduce Neck Pain

Many of us may not have the best posture that supports our neck properly. Unfortunately, neck pain is common in the adult population. We constantly look down at our phones, hold stress on elevated shoulders, or carry items or shoulder bags improperly. These examples can be linked to or cause cervical dysfunction, muscle and tendon strains and sprains, osteoarthritis and herniated discs or degenerative disc disease. Ouch!

Pilates has been proven to reduce pain as well as disability in the neck.

Since Pilates strengthens and stabilizes the core muscles, this reduces tension and stress on the neck muscles. The pain may be originating from the disk or the bone itself, so having an established core will support the entire body and the movements that occur. This also trains your muscles to hold the proper posture. A study by Scollay in 2016 took 24 subjects that were between the ages of 18 and 58 and concluded that studio-style Pilates will improve neck pain, disability, and overall well-being.

Practice better posture today.

As time goes by, the pain will only get worse without proper measures to correct the problem area(s). Pilates will help neck pain and neck disability. Strengthen your core muscles as well as your neck muscles to best support this area properly. Once you improve this support system, you will get rid of the constant slouch and find reduced neck pain and better posture.


- Stand straight with your shoulders pulled slightly backward

- Bear your weight on the balls of your feet

- Knees should be slightly bent

- Make sure your shoulders are shoulders width apart

- Tuck your stomach inward

- Keeping your head up and jaw aligned with the floor

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