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The Ultimate Fall Ab Challenge: 7 Deadly Planks

Looking for an effective, challenging, core workout that you can do from anywhere this season? In the spirit of the spooky season, Club Pilates is bringing back its 7 Deadly Planks challenge to help you get your strongest core yet!

Plank-based movements are known as some of the best for core strengthening, as they not only activate and challenge muscles in the entire body, but they are also functional movements that specifically target the transverse abdominus, your deepest core muscles, which are crucial for good posture, preventing back injury and back pain, and going about daily functional movement and motions with ease.

Read below, or watch and follow along with a certified Club Pilates instructor here!


The 7 Deadly Planks

Forearm Plank

Beginner-friendly, but still deadly, don't underestimate this plank! Keep your pelvis neutral, thighs aligned, and shoulders steady!

Extended Plank

Take it up a notch! Instead of resting on those elbows, challenge your upper body by planking on your hands, forcing your body to depend on those smaller accessory muscles in your shoulders, forearms, chest, and back!

Forearm Side Plank

This unilateral plank works the side-body, primarily the obliques, while also challenging your shoulder muscles, your deltoids!

Extended Side Plank

Level up! This is the ultimate balance challenge! Keep your body aligned as you support your side plank with just one hand. Don't collapse into your neck and shoulder girdle - keep your oblique, deltoids, bicep, and tricep strong and engaged!

Knee to Elbow

Get those abs burning extra! Position yourself back in a standard full plank position, but flex your knee into your body to challenge that supporting quad, glute, and transverse abdominus, or deep core muscles

Plank with Leg Lift

Form is extra important for this deadly plank! As you carefully lift one extended leg off the ground, you'll fire up your glute muscle while still maintaining a neutral spine and pelvis to prevent injury and maximize results - so don't rock to one side!

Triceps Push Up

The deadliest yet, put those chest, core, and tricep muscles to the ultimate test! Keep your elbows close to your body and embrace the shake as you lower and lift your torso while maintaining your spine stability!


New to Pilates, but ready to put these planks to the test in class? 

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