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Pilates Benefits

9 Health Benefits of Pilates

1)  Improved Posture

Pilates promotes proper skeletal alignment, which means that with every class you take, you are strengthening the muscles that are responsible for good posture. Not only will you be sitting up straighter, but good posture allows you to move more freely, breathe more easily, and of course, it can relieve back pain.

2)  Better Balance

Many Pilates exercises can improve your balance. With improved balance you may notice that your coordination is improved and you’re more agile for other sports. Also, having good balance reduces your risk of falling, which reduces your risk of injury.

3)  Increased Strength

Pilates strengthens all your muscles by using a combination of dynamic and static strength training. No muscle is forgotten so you may wake up the day after a Pilates class and feel sore in areas you’ve never felt before. The strength you gain can help with endurance throughout your day.

4)  Reduced Injury Risk

Pilates was originally created as a form of rehabilitation and injury prevention. As mentioned above, Pilates builds strength, but it also strengthens joints and improves flexibility. This enhanced physical state makes you much less likely to get injured both in exercise and in daily life.

5)  Enhanced Core Stability

One of the six principles of Pilates is centering. This principle states that strength should be built from the inside out, meaning that every movement should start from the core and flow out to the limbs. This why the core is often referred to as the “powerhouse” in Pilates. Performing movements with this mindset allow you to strengthen your entire core, as well as provide you with more stability throughout your daily life.

6)  Improved Flexibility

The dynamic movements in Pilates will gently stretch and lengthen your muscles. They also increase your range of motion and mobility. The benefits of increased flexibility are reduced soreness, enhanced blood flow, and of course, reduced risk of injury.

7)  Healthier Blood

Pilates boosts your blood in three main ways. First, improved posture and flexibility enhance your blood flow. Second, Pilates helps relieve stress and as a result, lowers your blood pressure. Finally, the controlled breathing technique of Pilates allows you to fully oxygenate your blood.

8)  Mental Fitness

Pilates requires that you are not only physically present, but mentally present as well. The controlled breathing technique of Pilates ensures that you are coordinating your breath with every movement. The exercises also require that you concentrate on your body and where it is in space to ensure proper form. This mental fitness reduces stress, increases happiness, and will enhance your focus every day.

9)  Greater Stamina

A final benefit of Pilates is that it improves your stamina. When you think about traditional weight training, it often involves lifting for a short period of time and then resting. With Pilates, although there are moments of rest between exercises, it involves longer flowing sequences where the muscles are constantly engaged. This builds your endurance. This increased stamina can give you more energy throughout your day, as well as exercise at a greater intensity without becoming fatigued as quickly.




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