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Life After Club Pilates Teacher Training - Maite

My Club Pilates Teacher Training experience started through dance when I was four - without knowing it was Pilates. My teacher would incorporate exercises from the Pilates repertoire in her flow. So, having a strong core, has always been part of my routine. Before four years old, I was learning to “do life” - walk, jump, crawl and run - very functional human ways of being, and learning “natural body movements” as Joseph Pilates would call them! 

I can say that I formally rediscovered Pilates in 2011 when I set a goal to summit Mount Rainier while dealing with recurrent spinal pain from old injuries resurfacing. Pilates was a fantastic cross-training and rehabilitative tool. I noticed many positive changes resulting in embodying a true “return to life” and feeling mighty healthy. That moment marked a turning point for me. I felt immediately reconnected to my love for mind-body movement and my fond memories of practicing Pilates through dance. The sense of rootedness and connection I experienced was so strong that I decided to leave the corporate world and switch careers, with a mindset on becoming a teacher of Pilates’ teachers.

When I made the decision to change careers from my corporate position, I knew from the get-go I would want to become a Master Trainer. My teachers and mentors inspire me, so I want to transmit the gift of educating, training, and guiding others, just like they do for me. What stood out for me from experience at Club Pilates Teacher Training was the interactions with wonderful people wanting to live healthy lives. 

I enjoy that Club Pilates is like a big family with a fun, vibrant and fresh spirit.

Wherever I go, train and teach, I am always curious to discover which Club Pilates picture will be on the wall of the studio - Our Club Pilates pictures are empowering, outgoing and freeing. At the end of the day, what I like is the inclusive environment where people from all walks of life can discover what Pilates is in a varied and fun way, and condition their bodies on many pieces of Pilates equipment as well as TRX, the Trigger Point products, and the Barre. Pilates has made me strong, strong in body, strong in mind.


Pilates has carried me to take that extra step when I needed it to accomplish a fitness goal. It rehabilitated and healed my body, and my mind too, when I was overcoming an injury. Pilates has supported me in the little moments and in the great moments of my life, allowing to grow, to have fun, to thrive and to develop further. The following quote from Joseph Pilates sums it well: “The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.” - Joseph Pilates

There are many memorable stories - whenever a member approaches me to say “thank you for the class” with a big smile on their face.

They always look relaxed and strong when thanking me! More recently, one student approached me to thank me and let me know how taking my Pilates classes had helped her because she learned how to breathe more efficiently. She now takes a few laps in the pool without feeling out of breath and exhausted. Thanks to Pilates, she told me she made a plan to take a swimming test soon so she can learn sailing next season! Enabling people to do something new or something they’d never thought they’d do absolutely makes my day.

Pilates is for everyBODY because it can condition, rehab, cross-train, strengthen and stretch anybody. Any fitness level or age can practice Pilates thanks to the wealth of movements that can be done on the various equipment Joseph Pilates created!  If you love Pilates and have a knack for teaching, then go for it! 

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