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Out Of A Coma And Onto A Reformer - Brooke's Story

I had a condition called placenta percreta, a pregnancy condition that causes the placenta to grow outside of the uterus and into major organs. In my case my placenta invaded a large portion of my bladder and my entire abdominal wall. I required 505 units of blood from donors over a 2 day period to save my life. I spent 4 days in a coma and several weeks in the hospital and then a home recovery under nurse supervision for several months.


On top of all of this, I had to learn to walk again.

It was frustrating! I have always been an active person and having to relearn something that should come naturally to an adult was one of the most challenging parts of my recovery.

I have always loved fitness and was an avid runner before my trauma. Running became an avenue for injury after all my body had been through and I started searching for other methods of exercise.

I had a girlfriend with a home studio in my neighborhood who had gone through health challenges and I stopped in for a health consultation with her. She told me about the benefits of Pilates and I was sold. Shortly after, a Club Pilates opened by my home and I excitedly joined before it opened! My first class was great! The instructor made everyone feel totally comfortable and the class was challenging.


I knew I was hooked immediately.

I struggle with intense PTSD and anxiety after 5 years of surgeries post trauma and my doctor suggested medication, with my complicated medical history I wanted to try fitness before medication. Pilates gives me an opportunity to clear my mind and work out all of the extra jitters.

I know that I’m getting stronger and better with every class I take. I take all class types as I like to mix it up. I really enjoy suspend 1.5, level 1.5 and 2 classes, and on days that I cross train I find a level 1 class really helps to stretch and repair muscle. 


One challenge that I've been able to achieve has been my core! Core! All the core! This is so exciting to me. I have major damage and truly had just given up on my abdominal muscles and I can see muscle definition. I was shocked! Pilates has made me stronger than I thought I could be.

Only working with half of a core I never thought I could have strong abdominal muscles again.

I find myself doing teasers even from bed. Besides a super strong core, one thing that I didn’t expect to gain has been a fitness family who believes in each other in and out of the studio.

I share a birthday with my favorite instructor and I was able to take a class that she was teaching on our birthday. It was an extra fun way to celebrate. I was also the first person at my studio to hit 100 classes and that competition was so fun; everyone was encouraging and excited for me.

I really love pilates, when they say it’s a full body workout, they mean it. It not only works all of your muscles (even the ones that you didn’t realize you had) but it also works your brain. I have more strength, balance, and mind body connection than I ever dreamed was possible! Pilates is the reason I can climb mountains again!

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