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Member Success Story

How This Full-Time Stay At Home Mom Found a Workout to Stick To


Tell us anything you'd like us to know about yourself!

Hi! I’m Joy! I started my CP journey in June of 2022. I am a current member at Club Pilates Foothill Ranch. I have a beautiful daughter and husband who are both so proud of my new found love, commitment, and dedication to Pilates! 

What brought you to Club Pilates?

The Foothill Ranch Club is so close to my home. I had passed it countless times and every time, I would say to myself: "one day, I will try that place out." I am happy to say I finally did it, and the rest is history!

It’s always been a task to find a type of exercise that I could be committed to and look forward to doing. Club Pilates fulfilled both those needs! Especially after having my daughter I couldn’t find an activity to invest myself in. Along with the mom-guilt and the priority of her well being- I started to put mine on the back burner.


What benefits have you experienced from Club Pilates?

I am currently a stay-at-home-Mom, so it’s rare for me to get any “me” time, and my hour in class is my alone time. It's my time to unwind and stay focused on myself with no outside distractions. I enjoy that hour so much. I wish I could stay on that Reformer even longer!

The best part of it all is I am able to out-plank my very athletic husband. 


What is your most improved move, or your favorite class? 

I LOVE Cardio Sculpt classes! My first class ever, I had NO idea what to expect. But, after finishing the session, I was HOOKED. I make sure I never miss that Friday class with my favorite Club Pilates instructor, Claire; she makes sure to kick all our butts, but it’s worth it to take that class on Friday and enjoy the rest of our weekend. 


What is something unexpected you experienced in your journey at Club Pilates?

As cheesy as it sounds, I found something I could be proud of myself for doing and STICKING to.

My husband has been practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over a decade and has his black belt. I see his passion and devotion to it and I always hoped that I too, could find something to also be passionate about. 

I am so committed to this exercise. I make sure I go five days per week at least, and after hitting my 100th class during Thanksgiving of 2022, I have further challenged myself to implement Club Pilates in my everyday life. My next goal is 250 and I am halfway there!


What is one thing you would tell someone who is thinking about trying Pilates?

Take the leap!

Trust the process and your body! It's such a fulfilling yet soothing activity.

All the instructors are so well-equipped and every class I’ve taken has been so different from the class before. I always walk out feeling challenged and stronger. As soon as I walk out, I jump on my CP app to book my next class. It is that amazing! 

Joining Club Pilates was probably one of the best decisions I could’ve made for both my mental and physical health.

Sometimes it’s easy for a mom to put herself last, after her children and her spouse. 

But I am so glad I found CP, it definitely has lived up to its motto in my eyes: “Move better. Feel better. Live better.” 

Joy Neri

Thank you CP for bettering my life in more ways than one!

Written by Joy Neri, member at Club Pilates Foothill Ranch

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