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Member Success Story

Balancing Career, Family & Health - Kendy's Pilates Story

"I can't tell you how much Pilates has impacted my overall wellness.

I started my Pilates journey when Club Pilates opened their Ashburn location. In fact, I became a founding member before the studio opened almost 3 years ago.  I had zero experience in Pilates and only one yoga class under my belt.  I knew that I needed something in my life to help manage stress, my health, and physical appearance of my body as I entered my 40's.


Amidst a high-pressure career, 2 young children, a household, and maintaining a healthy marriage, Club Pilates gives me 50 minutes to focus on me.  It controls my mind by allowing me only to think about the present - the physical movement of the reformer, breathing fully in and out, learning new techniques, and strengthening my body from the inside out.  In those 50 minutes, I'm not thinking of conference calls, my long to-do list, my children's to-do list of homework and activities, the laundry piling up or growing grocery list.  For those 50 minutes in class, its all about me.  When I leave, my mind is clear and decluttered.  I have a new, healthy perspective to manage it all.


The club itself has been an extended family and when I walk into the studio before I start my day, it feels like home.  The friends that I've met are incredible as we keep each other motivated, supported, and share our "that was hard".  If one of us isn't in class for a few days, we investigate to make sure all is well.  We've build our own Pilates family which I wouldn't exchange for the world."

Does Pilates help you cope with daily challenges?

"Absolutely! I'm a wife, mother of 2 daughters (ages 8 and a newly turned 6-year-old), and a Senior Talent Acquisition leader at a Big 4 Accounting & Audit practice. Pilates has helped manage my stress levels by learning and incorporating breathing techniques (both in and out of class), provides a confidence factor that I feel and look great (better than I've ever looked in my 43 years), provides a baseline where I can see improvement and strength (doesn't/hasn't become boring in my year and a half tenure), and helps to share with my staff that wellness is important in our daily lives and if I can find time to incorporate a 50 minute Pilates routine throughout the week then so can they."

Has Pilates helped you rehabilitate any injury?

"Yes. In my teens, I was in a terrible car accident which left me with hip and lower back pains. Through Pilates, I've been able to "truly" build my core which has helped strengthen my back."

Have you experienced any impressive gains as a result of Pilates?

"I know Pilates has made me stronger, both physically and mentally. I'm stopped and asked all the time "what are you doing?". As I've become stronger, I've also began watching what I eat, drink, and put into my body. Prior to the birth of my daughters, I would go to the gym regularly (sometimes completing 2 classes back to back) but my body would bulk up. After my daughters, I wanted a fitness approach with a slimming and 'cut' look, versus a 'bulk' appearance, which Pilates has definitely accomplished"

What would you tell someone hesitant of trying Club Pilates?

"If someone was unsure or hesitant of trying Club Pilates, I would tell them... what do you have to lose but 50 minutes of your day? You never know, that 50 minutes could change your life, body, mind, or just maybe...become a passion that you can’t live without. In fact, I would take them to class with me."

-Kendy Rusiewski, Member at Club Pilates Ashburn

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