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Pilates Elder: Lolita San Miguel

Lolita San Miguel (1934)

Joseph Pilates taught a small but diverse group of people which he groomed to become original Pilates instructors, known as the “Elders.” It is believed that only two Pilates practitioners were ever officially certified by Joseph (1)! Of these two certified Elders, Lolita San Miguel, from Puerto Rico and Kathy Grant, an African American, Kathy and Lolita were awarded a Pilates Degree from Mr. Pilates under the auspices of the 2,000+ hour vocational program through the State University of New York. 

Learn from first generation teacher and Joseph Pilates apprentice, Lolita San Miguel, courtesy of Pilates Anytime in an event called "An Afternoon with Lolita San Miguel."

Learn more about Lolita San Miguel HERE!


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