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Member Success Story

Member Success Story: Mary Clark

“I joined Club Pilates three years ago in search of a workout that would be friendlier to my aging joints, but challenging enough to support my active lifestyle. After three dedicated years of practice, I feel as if I have a whole new body! I am stronger and much more aware of my body as I move through space, my posture has drastically improved, and at my last bone density test, I actually measured one inch taller! Pilates has truly improved my health and my career.

I have osteoarthritis. If my doctor had his way, I would have had both knees replaced by now. Strengthening my core and the rest of my supporting muscles has taught me how to better use my body through challenging movement. I cannot thank Club Pilates enough for allowing me to move safely and more efficiently every day.

Practicing Pilates has also, without a doubt, helped me get through the challenges of my career. I teach music to over 400 children from four-year-old Kindergarteners through fifth grade. My daily schedule is quite challenging to say the least. There are days that I teach as many as nine classes. Pilates has taught me how to use my breath to get through my day. During the school year, I usually attend class at the end of my work day. I frequently arrive completely stressed out from my day and leave class in a much better mental place. Pilates is the coordination of mind body and spirit, and I can definitely feel those effects every time I commit an hour to my health.

Speaking of mood-boosting, I've always been a positive person and try to see things with a 'cup half full attitude.' I have often remarked in class how I remember the first time I tried to do a new Pilates movement, and that I was unsuccessful. With a bit of time and practice, and the dedication of the wonderful instructors, I always find that I CAN do it! If that isn't empowering, I don't know what is!

I cannot imagine a day without Pilates. Ideally, I would start and end each day with a Club Pilates class. When I am not teaching music, you'll find me in one of my gardens. I am getting up and down with greater ease and I attribute that to my instructors having taught me to strengthen my core. When I started practicing Pilates three years ago, I had a hard time transitioning from one exercise to another and keeping up with the pace. Now I'm finding that the class flies by. I couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing benefits and for the love of Pilates!”

-Club Pilates Member, Mary Clark

Here she is planking in the music room! Way to go, Mary!


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