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Instructor Testimonial

Instructor of the Year - Taylor Bennett

Congratulations to Taylor Bennett - Club Pilates Instructor of the Year!

Fitness has been my passion and I have worked in the health and fitness industry for about 20 years now. I have dabbled in various fitness-related jobs. I am certified as a Group Fitness Instructor where I taught step, cycle, yoga, and kickboxing! I then had taught some mat classes at Hancock Wellness Center, and this is where I was introduced to teaching a form of Pilates as a sort of therapy for patients. I had gotten my comprehensive Pilates certification through Peak Pilates to become an instructor, and for the past 10 years, I have taught Pilates at gyms and private studios around the Central Indiana area.

Around 2 years ago I joined Club Pilates because I love the variety of classes including TRX and stretch, different levels for each varying class, and all the available equipment offered.

The classes I taught at private studios were very small having only 3 reformers, so it was a big jump to come to Club Pilates where there is a range from 10 to 14 reformers! “This was like nothing I had ever done”. Pilates has changed over the years from what I have seen, the reformers used to be low to the floor while the equipment as well has changed altogether.

In the morning I am a Radio news host/reporter and at night I teach at a few studios in Indianapolis around 5 times a week - Carmel, Fishers, and North Indy!

When I walk into Club Pilates to teach a class, I never use flash-cards or memorize a class routine. I like to look around to see who is taking the class and acknowledge if there are any new members or how advanced the class may be and alter the moves to give everyone in the studio the best possible workout.

Personally, Pilates helps me feel better mentally and physically. “It is a practice that everyBODY can do – you know we say that – everyBODY – It really means everyBODY

Pilates is amazing, I wish everyone did it. I should be accessible to everyone.” What I really enjoy seeing is that many people come in with different circumstances or injuries - it’s an inspiration to see those people grow and thrive with Pilates. Also, I like to see those who are doubtful during the intro class and then watch them grow, fall in love and come in around 5 days a week!

I love Pilates training because it is designed to help counter those issues by focusing on core strength, flexibility and increased range of motion for the joints.

I love all Pilates movements, but my top three favorites would have to be the:

Bridge - that caters to my low back and hip muscles, helping stabilize my spine
Short Box – challenge the core and help to improve my posture
Leg Springs - correcting imbalances and helping me for identifying if I have a stronger side

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