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The Strength to Travel Further - Suzie's Pilates Story

Suzanna has been a member with Club Pilates Matthews since 2017. One whole year... Wow! Suzanna always wanted to take an adult ballet class but could never seem to fit it in her busy work travel schedule. She tried Barre classes but noticed it didn't offer the diversity of programs that Club Pilates has. Suzanna said she is now able to attend many classes that work within her schedule, with fabulous teachers to coach her through every type of class. Not only does she appreciate the variety of classes, Suzanna loves the environment of the studio and enjoys the fact that it is a judgment-free community! You can catch Suzanna in the morning, taking her favorite style of class, CP Control.

Outside of CP-Matthews, Suzie is on the next Viking river cruise. She loves to travel and hopes to take a trip each year to someplace new. A few words from the travel woman herself, "trust me, you have to be in shape to be able to take the tours and see all the fabulous sites". She's doing Pilates to do life! Her top spot to dine is New Zealand Cafe, she's made friends with the owners and says their Sushi is to die for.

Here are a few quotes about her Pilates experience:

What is something you have now, which you didn’t have before you started Club Pilates?

"An excitement to exercise! I love the way I feel when I wake up in the morning, I love the way I feel after class....and I love my Club Pilates Matthews, NC family! They make me feel good about myself and always leave me smiling!"

What is a lesson you've learned through Pilates?

"I am blessed to have two elderly parents that are of sound mind but failing bodies. I have learned through Pilates to BREATHE. Stop, take a good inhale and exhale and enjoy the moment. Pilates breathing technique has helped me through a lot and truly is a stress reducer."

Do you have a favorite class/movement or instructor you'd like to share?

"I love love love all the Club Pilates Matthews instructors as they ALL bring something great to every class. My favorite class is Control. I have always loved ballet (even at my age)! I also really enjoy a Sculpt or Flow 2.0 followed by a Center +Balance to end a long day."

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

"Achieving the ability to stay "all in" for any 2.0 level class. I am proud of the physical strength that I have gained through Pilates and continue to work on this daily. I do travel a lot for work and it is great that a lot of the techniques can be done on the road."

What would you say to someone thinking about trying Club Pilates?

"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Just try it! You have nothing to lose. Pilates is great for anyone especially those "afraid" of exercise. Take a moment to read the story behind Pilates (Joseph Pilates) and you will understand that Pilates is for ALL levels and all ages."

CP Matthews is so excited to have Suzie as a member! Her positive energy is contagious! Keep up the great work Suzie!

Suzie Manofsky, CP Matthews member


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