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Member Success Story

Member Success Story: Katie's Pregnancy

How does a solid Pilates practice help with pregnancy?

"I continued Pilates throughout my pregnancy and found it to be a saving grace. On days where I felt sick, coming to a class had me leaving feeling better both mentally and physically than when I came in. I also suffered with restless leg syndrome and on days where I was able to get to a class, I had significantly less issues with my legs.

I experienced unexpected pre-term labor and was able to stay on bed rest in the hospital for 5 days before giving birth. My obstetrician said that my 'strong pelvic floor kept my water from breaking earlier,' which kept me from going into active labor. This allowed my son 5 more days in utero which prevented additional complications, including a higher risk of infection. Pilates truly helped save him (and me) during this time.

Not only did Pilates help me get physically fit but it also helped me mentally. Fifteen months later I'm not only back to my pre-pregnancy self, but back to fitting into my college jeans."

-Katie Liedman, member
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