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3 Simple Moves to Improve Digestion

Whether you indulged in some yummy foods or have an unusual stomach cramp -  Here are three simple moves to help with digestion before even thinking about that extra serving of mash potatoes or stuffing.

The Rollover

is a Pilates exercise that stimulates mobility throughout the entire spine stemming down into the organs.  It begins by lying down supine (on your back) with the arms straight by the hips and the legs out to a lifted forty-five-degree angle.  The legs swing over the head with control and then return back to start position.  This allows for more length through the entirety of the spine forcing abdominal engagement, breath control and moves out the digestive organs.

The Shoulder Bridge

is another way to roll out the spine in a different position.  It starts by lying down looking away from the ground with the feet hip-distance apart, knees bent, and the arms straight and down.  Once the hips are lifted into a full bridge, lift one leg up to the sky.  Then begin to scissor the leg up and down while maintaining a bridge, and then switch to the other leg.  Rounding out the low spine and moving out the hips helps create space into the organs throughout the torso from the bottom up.  More room promotes more fluidity of the body’s digestive system.

The Side Bend

also allows the body to improve length to the back concentrating on the lateral aspects of the body.  Start seated with the legs crisscrossed, lift one arm overhead and to the side, and repeat on the other side.  As food gets digested through the body, it doesn’t move in a directly vertical path.  It moves up and down the sides of the body.  Supplying space and mobility in this range of motion promotes more ample room to keep the systems flowing.

Most people equate exercises to strictly working the muscles when in actuality it provides so much more.  Having a strong core enables the body to work on overtime when needed.  It also supplies length to create space for more motion throughout all the bodily systems.  When it’s time to indulge with that undeniable gravy and homemade pie, first treat yourself to these 3 simple moves that will leave you in a more comfortable state of body and mind.



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