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Why is Back Extension Important?

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“Bending over backward” is a common phrase that is used when someone is putting in an exaggerated amount of effort for something.  What if it didn’t have to mean that?  This directly relates to the difficulty of having our own bodies lean back. Unfortunately, lacking this range of motion has also lead to a lot of back pain for so many.

Balanced Cross-training

In a world of forward motion, people tend to overuse the muscles that promote walking, running, jumping, and even sitting.  Athletes who train to perform better and quicker need to cross-train in the reverse motion.  Why?  Constantly working in one direction builds strength but will reach a point of tightness where improvement stops and injuries can incur.  Keeping the range of motion in extension of the spine gives the body
more space to function and improves performance.  This will enable you to run faster and jump higher!

Preventing Back Pain

Doing exercises in extension also strengthens the back muscles all the way down to the tiny ones surrounding the spine.  This helps prevent back pain versus dumping heavy loads and lifts strictly into the low back.  The stronger the back is, the more room the abs have to move to further development and strength.  Overall, creating balance to the muscles on the front as well as the back makes the body stand up taller
with more efficient posture.

Increasing Flexibility

Flexibility is another major goal of back extension work.  The spine is like a palm tree.  Giant redwood trees would not survive hurricane season like the versatile and pliable palm tree. The goal is to be able to move your back like the trunk of a tree in all directions without taking the roots out of the ground.  If the abs are the only muscles being worked and forward motion is the only way the body is being moved, something will eventually have to give.  That tends to be the low back, hips, and knees.  Anchor and strengthen your roots by gaining flexibility of the spine.

Back extension is one of the most needed motions of the spine to improve posture and to keep balance within the body.  Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most commonly left out motions throughout the day.  If good health, less stress, and pain in the joints, good posture, and balanced strength and flexibility is a goal of yours, back extension is a must.

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