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Pilates for Teens


Alright, how many times have you heard “Good habits start young”? As much of a cliché as it is, it’s totally true. Good habits such as eating right, grooming, and presenting yourself well are instilled in most of us from a young age. However, there is one habit that tends to slip through the cracks: getting into the routine of working out. In high school, it can often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day with classes, homework, and friends so adding one more thing to the schedule seems impossible. In addition to a basic class schedule, you might have after school activities like track, football, or dance. The benefit of having an after-school activity is that you’re already active, which is a great starting place. Unfortunately, after graduation, most students may not continue with those activities in college and when you’re unfamiliar with the gym or haven’t tried another method of exercise, it can seem super overwhelming. Pilates for teens may be a great way to get into good habits!



Group classes can often be a great way to get into working out, outside of after school activities. By adding a Pilates class, you may be able to check multiple boxes at once. Pilates has numerous physical and mental benefits. It can improve your posture, balance, coordination, muscle tone, flexibility, and core strength. If you’re an athlete or dancer, improving these skills can vastly improve your performance. And I think we all know that poor posture (or lack thereof) can creep up when we’re spending significant time at the computer or even looking at our phones to text and check social media. Pilates can help strengthen those muscles, so your body doesn’t give in to the common slouch quite as easily. One of the biggest benefits of Pilates is that it can be a source of stress-relief as well as improve your mental focus. By adding a couple of 50-minute Pilates classes per week, you’re actually #treatingyoself while eliminating stress and improving brain function. That means those study hours may get shorter and actually more effective!

Finally, the best thing about group classes is that you can go with friends! Not only will you have fun, but you’ll be more motivated, and you’ll be held accountable if you have a workout buddy. So, start the habit young. Try a class with us, grab a friend, and start experiencing all the benefits that come from Club Pilates.

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