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Cross-Training With Pilates

Rock the Runway With Pilates

It’s the season for Spring Fashion Week at cities around the globe! As we peruse the looks on the spring runways in Paris and New York, we may be so carried away with the beautiful designs that we underestimate the effort required to walk the runway. Professional models aren’t just lean and fit.  They approach the catwalk with confidence, energy, and fierce control, owning each step, often working 16-hour days of physical exertion. Pilates is the perfect way to tone while gaining the targeted self-confidence we all want.

With the use of spring tension and resisting your own body weight, you challenge the body to enforce balance and stability.

Trying to find balance forces our muscles to work in many directions, and recovering from the effort builds a lean tone. In fact, each Pilates exercise concentrates on working omnidirectionally. Resisting and controlling motions in both directions keeps muscles balanced. This kind of strong, lengthened musculature provides the total control, posture, and poise required for modeling.

Another major goal for runway models is consistency.

The garments and footwear they display require extreme muscle control, as they must both show off the outfit and maintain the same walk from start to finish. It’s no secret that Pilates used to be called Contrology because it focuses on precisely this strength.  Practicing mind-body control is how each motion and exercise is executed with precision and good form.  Consistently maintaining ideal posture requires concentration and continuity.

When we look at models strutting in their couture, we covet the confidence they exude and the physical energy they bring. A consistent Pilates practice supplies you with all the energy and stature you desire.  After every session, you’ll leave feeling as tall as a model with improved posture.  Owning each exercise and motion during your Club Pilates class transcends into your own day, building confidence to strut down this runway we call life.

Models are trained to present the ideal image without a misstep or falter.

Pilates allows us to emulate those qualities by creating a toned body, a sense of control and consistency, and a feeling of fierce fabulousness.  With these goals in mind, each session is an opportunity to become a better version of yourself. No matter the season, self-confidence is always in!

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