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Perfect Salsa Recipe For Cinco De Mayo!

Cinco De Mayo calls for chips and salsa for any festivity! Although you may not be able to throw a fiesta at the moment, your delicious Mexican inspired meal will make it feel like a party. Add in more chili's to make this salsa hotter if you're feeling daring, or add less if you need a little more mild(ness) in your life. Grab your favorite tortilla chips and serve to your quaran-team! 


Serves - 6

Time - 15 minutes



2  Cans of peeled whole tomatoes

4-5  Dried chili's

1  Garlic peel

1/2 Onion

Handful of Cilantro

1 Tsp Salt



Step 1: Chop Onions into slices

Step 2: Put 2 drained cans of peeled whole tomatoes, garlic, chili's, and chopped onions into a pan with medium heat with olive oil

Step 3: Take warmed mixture from pan and pour into a blender

Step 4: Add salt and cilantro into blender and blend

Step 5: Pour into your favorite serving dish and enjoy! 



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