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The Importance of Foot Alignment - 3 Moves You Can Do At Home!

Foot alignment and posture are crucial for effective and efficient movement patterns. In various exercises and sports, a lack of proper foot alignment and posture can result in injuries that hinder participation.

Improper foot alignment can actually cause various dysfunctions and injuries in both active and inactive people.

For example, falls are very prevalent in the geriatric community for various reasons, including improper foot alignment and posture. Avid runners experience activity limiting tendonitis in the foot such as achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Many people in the general population develop improper foot posture such as flat feet which causes them to experience knee and back pain that can limit the activity of how they function in every day life.

At Club Pilates, proper foot alignment and posture are paramount in being able to perform various exercises in the studio.

The exercises you perform in studio promote ankle mobility, strength, and coordination. These three aspects of Club Pilates are important for optimal ankle alignment and posture in order to perform each exercise effectively. Mobility allows the muscles, ligaments and joints of the ankle to be stretched safely in order to allow the ankle to move through its optimal range of motion. Strengthening the ankle allows clients who enjoy resistance training to improve their ability to apply greater force through their lower extremity without getting hurt.

Club Pilates incorporates exercises to improve ankle coordination which allow you the opportunity to perform complex movements with a high level of precision.

With the improvement of ankle mobility, strength, and coordination, people can perform their favorite movements more efficiently. Fortunately, Club Pilates helps to address and improve these various aspects of the feet for our aging population, active runners, and everyone in between.

- Dr. Adefemi Betiku, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Club Pilates Instructor

Try footwork at home! Adam McAtee, Club Pilates Master Trainer, is here to show you how!

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