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Pilates Benefits

Pilates and Stress Reduction

We live in a society of pushing ourselves to the limits.  Having a lot on your plate has become normal.  Life keeps demanding people to the point where time is limited and stress is inevitable.  The key to handling this lifestyle is stress management.  Pilates can help deplete stress and provide a happy place to escape daily life.

When taking a Pilates class, each individual is taken through a series of exercises that move the body in many ranges of motion.  Cues are given from the instructor to create awareness to correct form.  Everyone moves in similar motions while working at their own pace and level.  All of this supplies a source of active meditation.  Giving the mind time to stop thinking about day-to-day life and all the stresses involved can help calm a busy mind.  Directing attention towards mind-body awareness is a healthy method of distracting someone from their grocery list, family life, or even work environments.

Supplying a body with a daily dose of motion helps strengthen, lengthen, and create balance.  All of this provides more energy.  Stress can commonly be a result of a lack of sleep and weakness in body function.  Pilates rejuvenates people in a friendly atmosphere.  With this extra source of energy, daily tasks and projects become more feasible and less daunting.

With increased stress levels the body tends to experience unwarranted aches and pains to the joints.  This can come from the limited time given towards movement to help balance out repetitive tension.  Pilates concentrates on stabilization through each exercise strengthening joints and muscles that are typically underused and creating length and mobility to those that are overused.  Providing individuals with more stability de-stresses both the body and mind.

Stress in our society is inevitable.  Learning how to create balance physically and emotionally allows people to juggle pressing matters and intense situations in a healthier manner.  Giving the mind a break from daily lists and problems, putting the body in motion to supply energy, and alleviating aches and pain creates overall symmetry to an ever-changing life.

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