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Cross-Training With Pilates

Pilates Exercises for Snowboarding and Skiing!

Move better this season by incorporating Pilates into your favorite winter sports routine!

In our daily lives, we spend our time in a flexed body position as we sit in chairs, in our cars, on the couch, or even curled up while laying in bed. Then, we get up and walk, run or squat and flex some more. This creates tight hip flexors, weak hamstrings, and a weak back. 

Next, you head out to enjoy your favorite winter sport after being in a more sedentary state. If, for example, you go out and spend the day skiing you are still flexing at the hips knees and ankles, you are also now actively engaging the muscles around those joints leading to tight muscles and imbalances. 

Pilates is an amazing way to cross-train your body for these winter sports. It’s important to create balance within your body by developing whole-body strength, mobility, and flexibility. In Pilates, our goal is to move the body functionally to help improve the quality of your life doing the things you love! Not only will you glide down the mountain more effectively and effortlessly, you will be less prone to injury and have the endurance to enjoy it for longer periods of time!

Adding Pilates into your movement routine will strengthen your core, glutes, hamstrings, and back body while also creating stability and mobility within the body. This will prepare you for those unexpected movements you might experience when doing an activity like skiing or snowboarding. 

Are you moving your body in all planes of motion? Perhaps you mostly move forward and back only occasionally side bending or rotating through the spine. Pilates will provide strength in areas where you might be weak or tight, building a strong foundation for your favorite winter sport! 

Get started with the below three moves at home and check out my guide for prepping your body for skiing and winter sports using the Mat and TRX on my Youtube channel above! 

  • All 4’s Opposite Arm Reach
  • All 4’s Thoracic Rotation
  • Articulating Bridging with Marching 

We want to begin by focusing on fundamental movements to strengthen the body for winter sports with exercises to balance the body this is where a Reformer Flow Level 1 class can give you the foundation you need for success. In this class, you will discover exercises to strengthen your core, glutes, hamstrings along with the posterior chain (back muscles). 



If you are ready for a challenge after building your foundation, try classes like Cardio Sculpt, Suspend, and Restore to balance your body with functional fitness and prep your body for those unexpected moments. 

Visit your favorite local CP location and build your foundation with a Reformer Flow class today! 

Written By: Jessica Roberts -


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