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Pilates Benefits

Pilates makes you taller!

When you commit to a fitness regimen and stay consistent, your results become more noticeable - including higher energy levels, better fitting clothes, and even workouts getting easier!

Others will start to take notice, as well. “You look great!” “Have you been working out?” are common compliments that you might receive from friends during this time.

But what about: “You look taller!?” This is a unique feedback that many Pilates practicing clients receive. Is this actually possible?  Well, the principles of Pilates actually improve your length while strengthening your muscles.

Practicing Pilates movements on resistance equipment relieves stress on the joints.

The spring tension encourages clients to hyper-control motions within each exercise and provides more space for the body to move with ease.  When there is less stress on the joints (especially along the spine) you can maintain better posture, allowing you to look and feel taller. Pilates also concentrates on exercises that help strengthen underdeveloped muscles and lengthen overused muscles.  Returning balance to the body decreases stress and helps the spine work in a more lengthened and relaxed state.

Pilates creates awareness in the brain to move the body correctly, and to utilize Pilates principles every day.

Walking, running, jumping, and sitting with proper form can help you sit up taller and creates less stress on the body.  Your Pilates practice also keeps additional concepts in mind to promote a healthier and taller version of yourself. For example: keeping your shoulders from over elevating, training you not to slump forward, and bringing awareness to how you plant your feet.

Lastly, a positive self-image improves levels of confidence and attributes to increased mental health.

Pilates gives your body the tools it needs to improve strength, increase energy levels, and help you enjoy the way you look and feel every day.  Joseph Pilates said, “A healthy spine is a happy spine!” When you’re happy, you move with more pep in your step and maintain better posture overall.

When it comes to choosing a form of fitness that suits you best, many things should be taken into account.  If increasing strength, improving flexibility, and building a positive self-image are monumental, then Pilates would be a great fit for you.  All of these, combined with more mobility to your joints and decreased stress on your body, can help you grow taller and work towards your best self.


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