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Pilates Benefits

30 Reasons to Love Pilates

Experience a full-body workout coordinating mind, body and spirit.

Pilates focuses on working all muscles evenly, while encouraging positivity.

Increase core-strength.

The core, or the “powerhouse,” is the source of better stability and proper alignment.

Create long, lean muscles.

Pilates targets the smaller, under-used muscles in the body.

Decrease stress.

Pilates targets the mind. Proper breathing can reduce everyday stress.

Increase confidence with mood-boosting effects

Release endorphins and feel your best to tackle the day.

Feel increased gratitude for everything your body can do!

Body positivity will naturally increase and you’ll be amazed at your accomplishments.

"Good posture can be successfully acquired only when the entire mechanism of the body is under perfect control." –  Joseph Pilates

People have actually grown taller thanks to the corrected alignment from Pilates.

Reduce blood pressure from consistent workout.

Increase blood flow, and reduce blood pressure, leading to a calmer mind.

Get started at any level. Pilates is within reach!

No matter your age or activity level, there’s a Club Pilates class for you.

Cross-train for every sport!

Accurate movements will help you run faster, throw further, and hit more accurate shots, all while reducing the chance for injury.

Correct imbalanced muscles for strong symmetry.

Train your body evenly to improve everyday movement.

Combat stamina and reduce fatigue.

You will actually leave the studio with more energy than when you came in!

Get low-impact benefits without damage to joints.

Even individuals with limited range of motion will benefit from a Pilates workout.

Extend the benefits of staying active across your whole life.

Stay healthy for the long run. It’s never too late to start.

Fight against heart disease and several types of cancer.

Physical activity is among your best defenses against these fatal health risks.

Stimulate bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

Healthy bones mean moving better- for life.

“Change happens through movement, and movement heals”-Joseph Pilates

Many who suffer back injury, health complications, or restricted movement find a healing in Pilates that exceeds every other option.

Turn back the clock!

Fitness can have an anti-aging effect.

Strengthen your heart through regular cardio.

Heart health has a big impact on our bodies! Pilates can help prevent the risks.

Increase your freedom of movement with regular stretching.

Pilates incorporates a multitude of stretching exercises.

Experience the benefits of foam-rolling and myofascial release.

Our CP restore class repairs muscles and tissues with a combination of Reformer movements and Triggerpoint Therapy.

Kickstart your health and wellness lifestyle

Pilates will positively affect the rest of your life habits.

Enhance coordination with increased precision.

Great for improving everyday movements or for athletes looking to up their game.

Pilates is for everyBODY.

With a seemingly unlimited number of variations, Pilates can be modified to fit your needs.

Create long-lasting friendships.

The family you make in the studio will support you in your journey to a better life.

Increase concentration and memory.

BDNF is released in the brain during exercise and promotes the formation of new connections between nerve cells, or neurons. It also helps repair nerve cells that are damaged.

Experience instructors who care on an individual level.

Even in a group class setting, the instructors will keep you safe and help you work towards your individual goals.

Improve balance.

Whether you’re carrying groceries inside, or completing a pirouette turn in ballet class, Pilates will create stability in your movements.

Relax your shoulders, neck and upper back.

By realigning the body, tension in these areas will release, leading to decreased stress.

Do Pilates. Do Life.

Pilates is not about the one hour you spend in the studio, it’s about helping you do what you love for the other 23.


Enjoy the benefits for yourself.

Try a FREE Intro Class!

Try a FREE Intro Class!

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