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Instructor Testimonial

Celebrating Fitness Milestones - A Pilates Instructor’s Perspective

One of the biggest rewards as an instructor is seeing the results of this amazing form of fitness in people, day after day. 

I began teaching Pilates in the late '90’s, and often wished I had done one thing: purchased a camera to take before and after pictures of my students from the start. While fancy scales and weight loss apps exist now, a picture still is worth a thousand words.

One thing I always tell new students is: I can guarantee people will notice a change in you after Pilates.

They see something, whether it’s that you are standing differently, carrying yourself better, or maybe that your clothes fit better. Sometimes it is hard to help folks find the core strength that simply enables them to stand taller and stronger by the end of a long and stressful day; Pilates can give you that, and so much more.

Every week in the studio, I see members coming in because their doctor told them they should try Pilates.

This is amazing for us as instructors, gaining professional recognition in an industry we all work so hard in. That makes it all the more important for us as instructors to customize the workout to our members’ needs. Our members develop trust in us and that is most important, so I make sure to take time to speak with your students either before or after classes and make a plan so that we can move them at a pace that works for their specific body. Are hard work, commitment, and perseverance still needed? Yes, absolutely! But at CP, it is attainable.

Much of my focus is on the moving better, feeling better aspect of Pilates; not just a pure "fitness' take on it.

My background is in post-rehab, and I am a licensed massage therapist, so I am drawn to special cases. From an instructor's perspective, helping members reach their goals is so rewarding, but it can be challenging too - especially for clients with special needs, chronic conditions, and chronic injuries. 

At Club Pilates, we make a huge effort to celebrate our members' milestones. Our business model encompasses making our clients' goals challenging, yet easily attainable. We have amazing instructors, fabulous Signature classes and a limitless schedule to make that happen.

I’ve learned over time how important it is to celebrate my members’ class milestones.

I had watched a particular student of mine work through great amounts of pain while slowly recovering from an injury. Many days, I wondered if she would be able to push herself to continue with Pilates.

She blew us all away and persevered to complete 250 classes! Her milestone celebration was much deserved and a huge step for her. Fast forward, now she is a passport member and takes all of our signature classes! 

Another amazing member who stands out to me was referred to us by his doctor.

He had broken his back in a car accident, and was finished with physical therapy, but still needed safe strength conditioning as a requirement before receiving clearance to return to his job.

100 classes later, we got him there! 

I encourage all new teachers to keep taking additional training-- the workshops put out by the Club Pilates education department are a great resource.

I encourage individuals to take that first step and try Pilates - one class becomes two, and two becomes ten, and before you know it you will have hit a major milestone that you didn’t even know was possible. That’s worth celebrating.

By Sharon Spaziani, LMT, NCPT, Master Trainer at Club Pilates

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