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Get ‘Back to You’ with Pilates - 3 Easy Moves!

Blog post written by Somer Connely

Let’s not overcomplicate things - sometimes all you need is a few go-to daily moves to get you back on track and feeling your best. I’ve laid out some of my favorite (simple) moves for you to do at home! Don’t have a Pilates ball? No prob! These can be done without any props at all, or try them out with a folded pillow in place of the Pilates ball!


Figure Four Kick Backs

  • Start in a kneeling position - hands directly underneath your shoulders and knees directly underneath your hips.
  • The ball or pillow can be placed behind one of your bent knees, or you can proceed without any props at all!
  • While keeping a 90 degree bend behind the knee, slowly start to kick the heel back towards the ceiling as you exhale, inhale to bring the knee back down to a hover above the floor. *If you’re using a prop - try to keep a tight grip on it the entire time*
  • Repeat 10 times on each leg!
RPReplay_Final1590776687 3



  • Start laying on your back with your spine completely imprinted against the floor (absolutely no space between your low back and the mat, this helps protect the spine during the exercise).
  • As your right leg rises up towards the ceiling, lower your left leg to a hover above the mat (making sure the low back stays flat against the floor still).
  • If using prop, cross said prop behind the upper leg and switch hands. If no prob is being used, you can grab onto the back of the calf that is lifted in the air and hold for a moment.
  • Complete 20 sets total (10 on each leg, alternating between the two).
RPReplay_Final1590776687 2




  • Start laying flat on your back with am imprinted spine and legs up at table top.
  • Prop can be placed between knees, or legs can be closed together if no prob is being used.

*If using prop, try to keep a squeeze with your inner thighs for this entire sequence!*

  • Take your hands behind your head and lift your head neck and shoulders off the mat, keeping your elbows wide.
  • As you exhale, extend both legs out at an angle in front of you. Please make sure to only extend the legs as far as you can maintain an imprinted spine against the mat (no space between the low back and the mat at all!)
  • Inhale to pull both legs back into table top!
  • Repeat 20 times!
RPReplay_Final1590776687 4

Try these 3 moves out for 3 days in a row and notice how much more challenging they become each day!

Pilates is all about perfect alignment and stability. The more stable the body is during the movement, the more challenging and effective the moves will become!

Never underestimate your instructors alignment cues - they may seem repetitive at times, but they will make the WORLD of a difference in the results you see and feel from your Pilates practice!


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