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Making for Happier Dog Walks through Your Pilates Practice - Do Pilates Do Life

Your pup is your best pal - and you'd do anything for them! But those long and frequent walks can tire out your body and muscles, leaving you sore and tight. 

Pilates focuses on tuning into your body's cues and those neglected, but essential, muscle groups! Read more to experience the positive physical results you and your pup can enjoy during walks, thanks to Pilates!


Support your dog walking by working your postural muscles and your core! Statistics show that the majority of individuals suffer from poor posture, which can hinder our body's ability to benefit properly from walking, and also result in aches and pains! Instead, we want to prevent injury and increase strength. In Pilates, rotational moves and transverse plane moves will help train your body's stabilizers to remain strong and solid, so that any potential sudden movements made by your dog won't be as jarring! 



Great Mat movements: Pelvic Wrap Movements, Shoulder Isolation, Saw

Focus: hamstring and hip flexibility

Great Reformer movements: Scooter, Feet in Straps, Leg Circles

Focus: footwork


To perform saw: Have a seat on the Mat with your legs straight out in front of you, a little wider than shoulder width distance. Start with your arms straight out in front of your shoulders, parallel to the ground. Rotate your upper body to the left as you reach your right arm toward your left toes and your left arm behind your body. Roll your spine back upright, arms forward, and repeat, rotating to the right. Complete a few repetitions on each side, focusing on the rotation of the spine and the stretch in the hamstrings.

To perform feet in straps Begin supine on the Reformer carriage, feet in long loops. Bend your knees to table top and extend over the bar keeping your pelvis stable, then return knees to table top. Reach straight legs towards the ceiling, engage your core to lower legs over the bar, and return towards the ceiling keeping your sacrum on the carriage. Bring straight legs back, toes to ceiling, and now circle your legs in opposite directions. Now, add the magic circle and repeat bend-and-stretch and lower-and-lift and quickly squeeze and release the circle as the legs are lowered and lifted to really target the adductors. Finish off with a lovely straddle stretch with feet in straps for this feel-good series!



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