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How Pilates Healed My Knee Injury and Mental Health

Meet Marianne, a member of Club Pilates South Naperville!

Marianne's story is a true testament to how Pilates can expedite the recovery of on-going injuries and improve your mental health. Below is Marianne's story on how Club Pilates has made such a huge impact in her wellness journey:

"I am a 64 year-old women who, outside of being on pom-poms in high school, didn’t exercise much my whole life. I am a wife, mom and a stepmom. I have a very sweet but neurotic Papillon, Bernini, named after my fave Italian sculpture. 

I started working with a in-home personal trainer. I then wanted to add a different type of workout and looked into Pilates.

I started Weight Watchers in 2017 and wanted to add activity to my weight loss journey.The reformer looked interesting and I wanted to learn more about it so I took an introductory class. I first started out with eight classes a month and quickly dropped the trainer and went to the unlimited class plan at my club.

After my knee injury, I began PT and my therapist said I was starting above the curve thanks to Pilates

I eventually got released from PT early. I noted to my therapist that most of the therapy I did was very similar to my workouts at Pilates so I was given the go ahead to go back to working out.

Pilates helps me release my mind and provides a temporary escape and distraction from my grief

I went into a little bit of depression last year due to the isolation of quarantine, I had a lot of stress due to taking care of my parents during that time and also being the go-to medical person for my dad who had cancer. When my dad passed away unexpectedly this past May, I was overwhelmed with grief both physically and mentally. When I do an InstaStory to my 25K+ followers on Instagram, I always say “move your body - it does a body good and mind good.” So true! 

The most unexpected thing about Club Pilates and Pilates is I actually enjoy working out after a life of being a couch potato.

I was into my 60s before adding Pilates to my health and wellness journey. I look forward to going to my club and work out Monday through Friday. I think it’s great that my club owner, Eric, recognizes milestones and has a board up so everyone can be recognized when they achieve a milestone. I just reached my 600 class milestone. The positive reinforcement really keeps me going."

"Take an introductory class and see what it’s about. If you’ve never worked out before, Pilates is a great way to start moving your body. No matter what your age or your ability, you can do Pilates. You will gain strength and flexibility. "

You can follow Marianne on Instagram @ww.italianwifey for more daily motivation and inspiration! 


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