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Marine Corps Veteran and Athlete Heals Back Through Pilates

Meet Chris Oliver, former football player and Marine Corps vet.

After years of lifting weights and running for football, and later training in the Marine Corps, he needed something that was low impact. He had previously tried yoga to increase his flexibility and improve his core strength but found he needed something that felt more like a workout. 

Chris was first introduced to Pilates exercises years ago when his sister dragged him to a mat Pilates class - and he admitted it was one of the hardest core workouts he had ever done!

It reminded him of the physical training led by Navy SEALs that he did in basic training, so he incorporated those exercises into his workout routine. 

Chris was recovering from back surgery and entering rehab when his surgeon and chiropractor recommended a more regular Pilates regimen to help him heal.

Per their suggestion, he joined Club Pilates Cedar Park in Texas in January of 2018.  

Chris found it fascinating to learn that Pilates was invented in part to help wounded veterans rehabilitate after World War I. It was during his service in the military that he was first introduced to the TRX system (invented by a Navy SEAL, as he likes to point out) and he has been using them ever since. Since joining Club Pilates, the Suspend classes are among his favorites, and he rarely misses an opportunity to push himself using the TRX.

After consistent weekly Pilates practice, the pain in his back has reduced considerably and his core development and strength continues to improve. 

He would tell anyone who is thinking about trying Pilates, especially men, that it is a great workout that can be tailored to your physical limitations. 

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