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Pilates Helped Me Discover a Lump, and Later Recovery from Surgery

Club Pilates was introduced to me through a Pilates Instructor at a big box gym. When she chose to work at Club Pilates, I quickly followed her.  I signed up for unlimited classes in Fall of 2017, before the studio had even opened!

Club Pilates is undoubtedly the best decision I have ever made regarding my fitness journey. 

I’m a regular member, attending five or more times a week. I was mostly taking levels 1.5, 2.0 and occasionally Suspend and Level 2.5 classes. After the stress of  2020, I decided to incorporate some Center & Balance classes into my practice as well, which has been fantastic. 

During one such class, my Instructor, Marlana, asked us to put our hands on our stomach to get our body in tune with our breathing. It was then that I discovered a lump in my pelvis the size of a lemon.

I immediately went to the doctor and was diagnosed with multiple fibroids growing into my abdomen, as well as an issue with my left ovary. The doctor was so concerned that he scheduled surgery as soon as possible. A month later, I went into the hospital for a complete hysterectomy.

Although I was relieved that everything was benign, unfortunately during the surgery the surgeon damaged my bladder and kidney connections. I had to have two more additional surgeries within four weeks, with the last surgery lasting seven hours. 

All throughout my visits and surgeries, all the doctors and the nurses at the hospital kept telling me what a miracle it was that I do Pilates and had such a strong core. 

Most patients over 50 years old would have a long and difficult recovery after three consecutive abdominal surgeries. But after each surgery, I was able to get out of bed the next day and walk around, as well as squat without any issues, which amazed the nurses. 

All through my recovery, all I kept focusing on was getting well enough to get back to Club Pilates. 

Not being able to go to Club Pilates during that time was the worst part. I kept telling my husband that I wouldn’t feel normal and completely recovered until I got back to Club Pilates. I missed all the Instructors, staff, and my friends. 

Six weeks after my final surgery I was cleared physically to go back to the studio. All the Club Pilates members, staff and Instructors were all so gracious welcoming me back.

The Instructors were all so positive and were always checking with me that I wasn’t pushing past my limits. 

My ordeal was finally over. About a month after returning to Club Pilates, I was able to go back to doing the level 2.0 and 2.5 classes. 

Club Pilates saved me physically and mentally, and I truly can’t thank my studio enough!

Written by Laura Kinsey, Club Pilates Wiregrass member


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