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Workout Motivation: Learn to LOVE Fitness

Workout motivation. Everybody talks about it. We can all agree that we should all be getting more exercise in during the week, every week. But how do we motivate ourselves to actually do so? Here’s how:


You need to start with how you personally view fitness. There can always be something that triggers motivation, but sometimes that isn’t enough to set the time aside for the long-haul. When you head out to a workout and you have a “ugh I have to go exercise” sort of thought, your mental and physical health will be affected. To overcome a poor attitude going into a workout, choose workouts that you enjoy and venture out to multiple options! Don’t place stereotypes over each activity – boxing isn’t just for men, yoga isn’t for the flexible, Pilates isn’t just for women, basketball isn’t only for the tall. Get out there and find what will boost your enthusiasm to work out!


If you think you may have some trouble holding yourself accountable committing to the consistency of exercise, go with a friend! It is recommended that you choose a friend who works out more consistently themselves already, this will keep you motivated to keep going with that friend or group of friends. Do this as long as you would like or when you feel that you have a pretty consistent routine for yourself, you can start to exercise alone.


Set realistic goals! You don’t have to go full force immediately, build a habit, then build upon that. Start with adding a few activities during the day – park farther away in the parking lot, ride your bike to pick small groceries up, take a call while you walk around the building or neighborhood. If your goal is to be a little more active than that, try a free Pilates class, start with a few days a week and once that is a routine, build in your favorite activities or vary up your classes!


It may surprise you, but consistency matters more than the intensity. Giving a regular routine of exercise to your body is the key to sustainable weight loss, muscle growth/maintenance, and overall health. When you exercise regularly, you not only burn more energy, but you are also provided with psychological and emotional benefits. Think of intensity as short term - it may be good at times, but it isn’t there to last a lifetime. Consistency at a lower intensity will be something that you can count on long term.

Take your goal and break it down into achievable parts. Each part can be built upon the next to then achieve your long term fitness and health journey. Don’t be fearful of getting out of your comfort zone to try new things that just may become your new favorite! Build a good exercise habit and your journey to a maintainable healthy lifestyle is here to last!

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