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Making Time for Self Care Through Grief and Pain

What was your fitness routine like before Club Pilates?

My Pilates journey has been 20 plus years in the making.  I have been a mother/caregiver to multiple family members and two special needs children, one who was very sick his whole life. I did try a Pilates mat class once and loved it, but it wasn’t something I could continue at that time of my life.

With everything I had going on, my health and self-care were placed on the back burner. 


What made you want to try Club Pilates?

In December of 2021 my 14-year-old son could no longer fight his multiple medical conditions and he went “upstairs,” as he called it. 

I made a promise to him to GET HEALTHY and take care of myself.  Putting myself first has never been my priority.

Right after the New Year my husband and I took an intro class with Quinn at Club Pilates Wiregrass.   thought I would have to convince my husband that this was the correct workout for us, however, he too was IN LOVE with just that intro class! We both knew that Pilates was the workout that fit our needs, and not a typical gym workout/setting.  We joined that day!

What are some of the benefits you've experienced through Pilates?

I started with trying to take at least 3 classes a week if I could.  Now, some weeks I take up to 7 classes.  Pilates not only works on my strength, flexibility, core strength, and cardiac needs; it also is my ZEN time to ease my focus from all worries that my mind may have.  Pilates truly is my ME TIME!

Club Pilates Wiregrass has given me GREAT instructors and front desk staff that really care about my health and wellness journey.  I have also made some great new friendships and bumped into some old friends as well.

I know and see the benefits Pilates has given me so far.  I am stronger, have less pain, sit and stand taller. My core is working on its comeback, and I of course feel AMAZING!

I CRAVE to go to my classes and when I need to miss one, I feel sad and depressed.

Club Pilates has changed my life and I am forever grateful! LIFETIME MEMBER FOR SURE!

 - Randi Piburn, Member at Club Pilates Wiregrass (FL)

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