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This Health Coach Says You Don't Have to Be Fit and Healthy To Start a New Workout Routine

I have spent most of my life working in the health and wellness industry as a massage therapist, health practitioner, and a life coach specializing in health and wellness. My passion for helping people get healthy and live a healthy lifestyle is something that I always held to my core. A warrior of health, I have been diligent about exercise since being a young woman.

I first became interested in Pilates on the Reformer twenty two years ago, and even purchased my own Reformer. I loved the strength I was gaining from the repertoire.

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2017, and the journey was long and hard.

My only focus was healing as best as I could through treatment. As far as movement and exercise went, I remember that at times, all I could do was "yoga toes” while lying in bed.

I knew I needed to keep moving, whatever that looked like. That's always been one of my mantras - keep moving. 

As soon as I was cleared for exercise after my mastectomy, I immediately went into the "Power Program", which is the program given after a mastectomy, and progressed to some other prescribed exercise programs. However, I wasn't able to work on the Reformer at this point, and I really missed it.

I felt as if my body was screaming for Pilates. 

Down the road, we decided to sell our home along with my Reformer, as we were downsizing and there wouldn’t be any room for it. Even though I felt like I was giving up something really valuable, cancer taught me that there is always a time to let go and everything in life changes. I was honored to gift it to a beautiful woman who was looking for a Reformer, but couldn't afford a new one.

I continued to work out, lift weights, and walk, and even I discovered RowHouse group fitness classes. I was enjoying rowing, but then the pandemic occurred and I decided to step away from group fitness, but continued to row at home. 

My heart kept calling me back to Pilates, and I remembered taking an intro class pre-pandemic at my local Club Pilates studio with a great instructor, Jannell. I decided to go back and try one more class. 

I fell in love all over again. But, wow, it was so much more challenging this time due to the trauma that my body experienced from the surgery.

Sometimes we humans feel that we have to be strong and fit going into a new workout routine, but as a health coach, I know this is not true.

I didn’t let my new limitations deter me.

I purchased an unlimited membership and I have been going three times a week since I started. I noticed almost immediately how much weaker my back was after the surgery. I had soreness in my left pectoral and back, and I have a C curve as well, so that was another region I discovered I needed to strengthen. 

image_67191041 (1)

I love the Flow 1 class. I've worked mostly with Linda, Sam and Sevi, who are all such powerful teachers. I work with my clients in the early morning, so I love that there are class times that work for my schedule.

Health, inspirational leadership and authentic connection is at the forefront of my life. I did not expect just how warm the staff would be and how fun the classes are. The staff provides a professional, fun and supportive space.

Some group class settings I tried in the past felt stuffy. Not at Club Pilates.

I am grateful for this beautiful studio and everything it gives to each individual. I have found that Club Pilates has become a safe and comfortable space to transform my body, and the bodies and hearts of so many others as well. 

I always tell my coaching clients, "your health is your greatest asset". You pay now, or you pay later. We all experience some trauma, and our bodies hold it all. 

When I lost my strength and health through cancer, I thought I would never get back to my health as it was before.

I had dropped down to 109 lbs, but have now gained healthy weight back. I have always been active and fit most of my life. I feel that the foundation of my physical health and also my mindset gave me the strength and courage, combined with my family, friends, and the Grace of God, to heal. 

I continue preaching my mantra to never give up on YOU! Life is Now! Stay strong, and keep moving!


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