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Unexpected Community and Sports Gains - Tom's Pilates Story

"When I was a kid I was very passionate about sports, especially baseball and basketball. Throughout the years I was fortunate enough to continue to play basketball competitively on the varsity team all four years in college. Being an athlete at that time made it very easy to stay in great shape and maintain a nice physique. Since college, I’ve maintained a fairly athletic lifestyle with strength training, conditioning and overall fitness being a big part of my life. Although I’ve been very active, I am always searching for new things to try as one can become bored with the same old routines.

Coincidentally, at the same time I was looking for something new to try on the fitness front, my brother in law became a franchisee of the Club Pilates in Georgia of the metro Atlanta area. Naturally, my wife and I were overjoyed for him and showed our support by becoming his first two members to sign up. I thought that this would be an excellent opportunity to start fresh and give Pilates a shot. I am so glad that I did!

Although I haven’t played competitive basketball in years (too many knee surgeries), I’m an avid golfer and both the Pilates conditioning and the TRX work really have helped with my core strength and flexibility on the golf course.

I would definitely credit Pilates as being a big reason why I’m playing some of the best golf of my life!

Since January of 2017 when I first joined, I have progressed to level 2 within the classes. I appreciate each tier of advancement because I really feel they challenge me. My favorite classes right now have been CP Reformer Flow 2.0, Cardio Sculpt 2.0 and anything TRX. Check out some Pilates for golf movements!

Since I have been a member from the opening of the studio, I have had the opportunity to observe the growth from a direct standpoint.

I am so amazed by how many wonderful people I have met through both of my local studios.

As to what makes the Club Pilates experience so beneficial is that I’ve found that those who take classes are generally more serious about their fitness and overall healthy lifestyle.

I have also found Club Pilates not to be apprehensive about getting involved with their community. My local studios Alpharetta and Avalon have both quickly become integral parts of the communities in which they serve through the many events and outreach programs they support and sponsor. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many interesting individuals that I might not otherwise have been introduced to if it wasn’t for these activities.

A great example of this community involvement happened just recently. My wife and daughter are a part of the National Charity League (NCL) in our community. The NCL is a non-profit charity that strives to bond mothers and daughters while supporting local communities as they build leadership skills and expand on cultural experiences.

I was pleased to learn that the chapter from the NCL chose Club Pilates for their cultural exposure event.

Knowing Club Pilates so well, my wife and I felt it would be a great fit for mothers and their daughters to gain a wonderful experience about the background and benefits of Pilates. The studio hosted 22 girls in two sessions introducing them to both the physical and mental aspects of Pilates and the potential impact it could have on their well-being. Based on the reviews we received from the moms and daughters alike that participated in these brief sessions, it appears the Pilates way left a lasting impression on them.

I feel that Pilates does a nice job of complimenting my lifestyle while also helping to improve my golf performance and keeping me in overall good physical condition. If it weren’t for my brother in law becoming a franchisee of Club Pilates, I might not have discovered all the benefits that Pilates entails! I am looking forward to continued personal growth both mentally and physically through Club Pilates in the future."

-Thomas Fluent, Club Pilates Member

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