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Member Success Story: Missy's Battle with Breast Cancer

Recovering from the first of six surgeries, after being diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer, Missy found healing in Club Pilates. It was the focus on breath, paired with the low impact of the craft, which allowed her to move and strengthen her body. In 2013, her love of Pilates and passion to teach led to her certification in the Club Pilates 500 hour comprehensive program.

“I love the idea that Club Pilates is for everyone. I don’t care what type of injury or disability, or surgery you’ve had, or how old you are, or your weight. Everybody can do Pilates. I go to work and it’s fun. I’m so open about having breast cancer that I think when it comes to clients that have had injuries, or have had breast cancer, it’s pretty easy to do my job and let people come to me [about what they’ve experienced]”

Missy was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer at 36 years old with 2 kids - after her first mammogram. One month after being diagnosed, she had a bilateral mastectomy and 4 months of chemo. At 38, she had a hysterectomy, and in another year she will have another chest surgery due to the implants. She has had a total of 5 chest surgeries with on and off complications. Missy says she would not be able to get through all of the surgeries without Pilates in her life.

She had been doing Pilates for about a year when she met the owner of Club Pilates Novi 7 years ago. “That’s how I started with Club Pilates. Pilates was the only thing I could do comfortably, and safely, after having breast cancer and after having my surgery.” Missy experienced a lot of cording in her arm and only had a certain range of motion through her shoulders, chest, and arms - Pilates was the one thing she could do without adding pain. Missy was classified cancer-free after a long 6 months of battle.

Club Pilates turned out to be an amazing support system. She is now one of 3 original instructors certified in Michigan’s first program and teaching at the Beverly Hills, MI location. Motivated to improve and continue her education, Missy is also certified in TRX, Bootie Bar, and Leslie Bender Above Bar.


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