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Member Success Story

My Doctor Led Me to Club Pilates

Karen has been a member of Club Pilates North Dallas since July 2020, and just completed her 400th class - less than two years later!

Karen says that, without question, Club Pilates changed her life.

Before joining, Karen had two knee replacements in a 9-month period and was introduced to a Pilates Reformer by her Physical Therapist, who was also a Pilates Instructor.

Because she had back issues due to multiple car accidents, Karen was also seeing a Pain Management doctor, who advised her to "find a sport that you like and will stick with forever." Club Pilates was the easy choice and she has never looked back.

She began her membership after a pandemic-related job loss and had plenty of time to attend classes. In her first six months, she attended 7-10 classes each week. Her family was afraid she would experience burn out on that schedule, but the opposite happened!

Karen's body changed pretty quickly and friends and family took notice

- thanks to her enthusiastic recommendations, she has had at least 15 people join various Club Pilates locations in Texas and out of state.

One of her friends even bought three Club Pilates franchises in Virginia.
Since going back to work, Karen's schedule is much busier, but Club Pilates remains a top priority. She currently attends 4-6 classes per week.

The benefits are indisputable: Karen's Core Strength and Range of Motion with Knees continue to improve (her doctors are very happy), and her lower back and neck are getting stronger.

She has also made new friends in her favorite classes, which makes working out even more fun. Karen will be a Club Pilates member for life!

"I have to thank North Dallas Club Pilates for changing my life! My core and knees are so much stronger than ever. It is something that I have stuck with longer than any other exercise. I am getting closer to my next milestone T-Shirt - 500 Classes!"


Karen, Club Pilates North Dallas (TX) Member

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