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New Year, New Workout!

With the New Year upon us, getting back into fitness and recovering from the holidays is on everyone’s mind.

Pilates is the perfect way to jumpstart into a new body and a new mindset!  Joseph Pilates created a full-body stream of exercises to challenge and improve posture, mobility, strength, flexibility, and balance – all in a low impact environment.


When starting any new form of fitness (or getting back into it after a long holiday break!) give yourself time to acclimate. During the first 10 sessions, Joe says that you will feel the difference.  You’ll begin to create more mind-body control, more mobility, and more energy.  Feeling soreness isn’t the ultimate way to feel the difference.  Rebuilding muscles is definitely a part of the process, but getting a new and healthier body involves an entirely new way to feel.

Properly activating specific muscles during exercises initiates everyday improvements to posture and movement patterns.


The second stage Joe brings us through is seeing the difference in 20 sessions.  Most people really enjoy this aspect of fitness and think this is their end goal.  We get to see changes in our physical body and reap the benefits from all the hard work put forth.  We begin to fit better in our clothes and move with even greater ease.  Definition begins to take place within the muscles and the body starts to feel tighter and toner.


The most important stage of transitioning into a healthy Pilates lifestyle occurs after 30 sessions.

At that point, Joe believes you will be living differently.  Instead of striving for soreness to prove hard work, simply feeling strong and having heightened levels of energy and mobility become the ultimate goal.  Enjoying the benefits of having every effort and movement be easy is the best reward.  How you look is an added bonus!

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