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Cross-Training With Pilates

Why Every Golfer Needs Pilates, From a Pro Golfer and Pilates Expert

Meet Steve Abbe, Pro Golfer, + Shannon Willits, Golf Functional Specialist and Pilates Expert. This Floridian couple married their love of Pilates and golf to advocate for how a low-impact, full-body, core strengthening and resistance-based routine like Pilates can benefit you in the sport.

Watch their brief videos below to learn everything from their story, perfecting your Pilates, and how golf coaches need Pilates too!

Origin Story: Golf Marries Pilates


Core Strength and The Golf Swing - Gain Your Winning Edge

How Pilates Helps Me Be A Stronger Golf Instructor - Gain Your Winning Edge

Why Pilates for Golfers? Gain your Winning Edge With Alignment and Precision 


Want to learn more about Shannon Willits and her many functional Pilates format? Read her previous blog story here!


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Cross-Training With Pilates

Everybody who Plays Golf Needs Pilates

Member Success Story

"Absolutely, Pilates has improved my golf game."

Member Success Story

“Pilates saved my life and my golf game.”