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Member Success Story

"Absolutely, Pilates has improved my golf game."

Member Testimonial - Brad

Brad is an avid golfer, and has been a member of Club Pilates Katy for the last year and a half. Listen to his brief testimonial to hear about his experience since then!


Lexi (Club Pilates Katy General Manager): Brad, how do you feel like Pilates has helped you in your everyday life? 

Brad (Member & Golfer): In the last year and a half, [before] doing Pilates, I had two sore shoulders, a sore hip, and sore knees, and I don't have any of that anymore -- so it's just helped me get through the day.

Lexi: That's great! And your an avid golfer, do you think Club Pilates has helped your golf game? 

Brad: Absolutely, in stability, and in length and distance as well. I'm glad to be here. 


Are you a golfer, or do you enjoy another sport or hobby? Pilates can help support you in your sport. Try out an intro class to see for yourself!

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