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Pilates for a Healthier You!

Taking time for yourself can seem impossible and commonly not thought of as a priority.  Life gets hectic and overwhelming, but one of the most important things in life is your personal health.  When you get sick it can feel impossible to function.  Everyday tasks are harder to accomplish.  Pilates is the perfect way to rejuvenate the entire mind and body, improving overall health to every individual.

A moving body is a healthy body.  Pilates strengthens underused muscles, lengthens overused muscles, and helps lubricates joints to ease daily motions, reaffirming balance and symmetry to the entire body.  People in our society function beyond their means by pushing themselves far past their limits with busy schedules.  Society also dictates certain repetitive motions with constant cell phone use and sedentary lifestyles.  Allotting time for a Pilates session feeds the movement that your body craves.  Challenging balance within the body is one of the healthiest things you can do to stay young and prevent injuries.  That internal strength is translated into the heavy loads that occur in life.  The use of spring tension on Pilates apparatus, along with your own body weight, encourages more stability and lubrication throughout all those stiff joints.

Joseph Pilates created these exercises as a form of fitness and rehabilitation, but it was intended to affect the mind and body as a whole.  Bringing awareness to proper movement draws a person into a type of active meditation.  Instead of thinking about everyday trials and tribulations, individuals are given the opportunity to think completely about themselves, their bodies moving in space, and the improvement of their personal health.  Selfishness is usually frowned upon, but your body is just like a car.  It needs to be maintenanced, given fuel, and cleaned.  Without this upkeep, individuals will not be able to perform well and definitely not for long periods of time.  Pulling yourself away from to-do lists and expectations release unwarranted stress and tension.  In other words, it’s a physical way of venting!

Life demands so much of us.  Self-health is one of the best ways to battle the stresses that come your way.  Pilates supplies movement to the entire body helping to improve blood flow, increase energy levels, and even leave individuals feeling happier by moving stiff muscles and joints.  The mind is cleared, allowing Pilates people to feel reset, revived, and ready to take on the day!

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