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Men Over 50 need Pilates

Fitness for men is different than it is for women. Although there are common goals such as feeling good and looking good, a man also has different body composition and motivation for working out.  As a man nears his 50’s, staying healthy and fit becomes more of a necessity than simply a desire, and Pilates can help accomplish those goals.

Joseph Pilates, the creator of Pilates, started rehabilitating injured soldiers in a concentration camp. Combining his knowledge from professional weight lifting and gymnastics, he created a series of exercises suited to men’s needs. When he started using the spring tension from the bunk beds in the camp, he realized how it improved the stability and health of the men, regardless of age. Pilates focuses on creating a healthy core from which to work the full body. Without a healthy spine, everyday tasks are trying and many times even painful. Men still tend to pick up heavy loads exceeding their capacity. In order to prevent injury, work has to be done in the opposite direction to counterbalance those efforts. This improves posture and makes the day-to-day feel easier. That sort of stamina can only be obtained by the stability work designed by Joseph Pilates.

A major goal for men is to live pain-free and retain as much strength as possible. Not everyone may be flipping tires, climbing walls, or even jumping high enough to dunk, but when similar demands arise, men want to know they’re capable of doing it without throwing out their back. One of Joseph Pilates’s famous sayings is “you’re only as young as your spine is healthy.” Pain can make you feel weak and create frustrations during simple movements. Maintaining healthy mobility can keep joints happier, increase blood flow, improve heart conditions, and provide the agility that men strive for regardless of the athletic level to maintain their personal confidence.

Not only are strength and mobility large factors, but Pilates can also play a huge role in keeping your mind and body working in top shape, thus minimizing future health risks. Many studies have researched the various health benefits of Pilates including increased brain function and memory, better function of the nervous system, stress and anxiety relief and lower blood pressure. It’s also been found to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other diseases that become more common as individuals age.

A major desire for men is to be challenged, and the number one hardest thing a person can do is change their own mind. Pilates can appear to be simple during small, controlled movements, and certain exercises can begin to feel frustrating when shaking during a very minimal range of motion. The question is never, “Can you do it?” it is always, “How are you doing it, and are you doing it correctly?” Men tend to put unreasonable amounts of weight and stress on their bodies. The goal of Pilates is to use specific muscles to support large movements, thus balancing the body as a whole. This will make everyday tasks easier and allow for greater strength for life. Figuring out how to activate muscles that are underused and firing them correctly is one of the most challenging fitness goals for men to achieve.

Men are constantly demanding brute force and an unreasonable amount of stress levels and repetitions from their bodies. When rest isn’t an option, Pilates is the answer. As a man gets older, demands on the body need to be altered. By starting right away, you may eliminate future injury and significantly lower complicated health risks. Agility, stamina, improved blood flow, joint mobility, and even brain function are major benefits of Pilates and lead to a life with much less pain and aggravation. Making difficult movements look and feel easy is the type of Pilates strength that lasts a lifetime.


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