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Member Success Story

Pilates Changed My View on Fitness and Myself

Meet Quinn, a 42-year old member at Club Pilates Deerfield (IL)!

Everyone's story is different What made you want to try Pilates?

I have been exploring Pilates for almost 3 years now.  I started on my birthday two years ago, when I couldn't bend down anymore and I felt I was too young to be having those types of problems.

What was your initial experience with Pilates like? 

When I walked in, I saw Joseph's Pilates quote: "10 sessions I would feel better, in 20 sessions I would look better and in 30 sessions I would have a new body." 

"We will see about that!"  I thought.  I love to challenge a guarantee. 

However, Joseph Pilates was right, and I saw my body changing, my mobility improving, and my pain disappearing. I started to deeply believe in Pilates and how it can help people.

Most improved or favorite move or class?

My most improved move is the plank and its variations. It’s still hard, but I can hold it longer than before and my form has improved a lot.

My favorite move is roll down and pull ups or push ups on the TRX.

My All-time favorite exercises are legs in straps series on the springboard (legs in springs).

When I started Pilates I couldn’t sit up to change my springs on the reformer. My favorite day in class was the day I just sat up and changed my spring; I felt so proud.

My favorite kind of class is a Restore class followed by a Level 1.5 challenging class with great music.

What are the most surprising benefits you've experienced from Pilates?

Pilates has helped me develop a healthy relationship with my body and want to make other positive changes in my health. 

I never actually viewed myself as an athlete or someone who would have a life in fitness and now I can see that for myself. 

Also, I just really love Pilates! I'm always really happy when I come to Club Pilates, and even if I have been having a hard day, by the end of a session, I feel 100 percent better.  I want to thank all the instructors I've ever had at Club Pilates for being positive and working me hard and helping me reach my goals, and always making me feel like a welcome member.

As anyone reading this knows, however, Pilates is a journey! So, more than 185 classes later, I look forward to getting even stronger, improving my breathing, and maybe even doing a nice long teaser on the chair one day.

 I want to thank my club, Club Pilates Deerfield for always having high quality instructors who motivated me and honestly listened to what I told them I wanted for my body.

They would even sometimes put in moves to work things I requested like if I said "let’s work our back more."  There have often been moments in class where I feel like I’m not going to make it, and I have made a mistake by coming. They always got me over that mental block.

They always genuinely celebrated with me all my body changes.  They all are truly beautiful people and really excellent examples of what I think a coach should be. 

Nancy, Sterling, Andrea, Kady, Mary Ellen, and recently Sharon -- thank you so much for your help.  I honestly am not sure where I would be if I hadn’t found Club Pilates and you guys.  Wherever you are, I know you are helping people there. What important work you do! Even though I grumble through class, I can’t express my gratitude enough - from the bottom of my heart.

What is one thing you would tell someone who is thinking about trying Pilates?

I am an older millennial. All my friends’ backs are having issues. They are already complaining about aches and pains.

I don’t believe we have to accept that for ourselves. We can be as young as our minds and hearts still want us to be.

So, I say try it. Really put Joseph Pilates's words to the test. I couldn’t prove him wrong -- I have found that it can change your life. You will be a different person with different movement. You will feel strong. Your arms and back and abs will get tight. You may lose a couple of pounds. You’ll like how you look in clothes again. You will be able to bend over. It will be worth it in a million ways.

You will feel so proud of yourself.

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