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Pilates Benefits

The Story of a 75-Year Old Osteoporosis Warrior and Pilates Lover

Pilates has transformed the way that I deal with my health issues. 

I am 75 years young, and my primary and favorite type of activity has been taking long walks. While this is beneficial to my health, I needed a form of fitness that could strengthen, rehabilitate, and support my joints and bones without the pain.

I have Osteoporosis and to date, I've suffered from 13 fractures.

I had fractured my pelvis in two places, as well as my sacrum, and was finishing my physical therapy when my physical therapist recommended giving Pilates a try. I was more than happy to do this, in hopes that it would help me develop better core muscles and help protect my bones.

16 months later, I've been a Pilates regular and have completed 160 Pilates sessions and counting.

Jean (CP Mal-Lex) TRX (1)I'm so happy with the benefits I've experienced from Pilates, and I have been so impressed with the knowledge of all my instructors. They know and understand the body and how it functions. It's amazing how one small adjustment or tweak can change a movement. I can't believe the variety of things that can be done with the equipment. There seems to be something new in every class. I really enjoy the TRX straps and love the stretch and how it makes my spine feel great.

When class is over and I'm walking to my car, I feel myself walking taller and feeling great. It's hard to describe, but I feel genuinely ready to start my day, more invigorated.

I feel more flexible, stronger and can get up and down from the floor very well.

Pilates does not only work on my bones and muscles, it also gives me the sense of accomplishment mentally as well. Thank you Club Pilates and the entire Malabu-Lexington staff and team of instructors for giving me a healthy way of living young.

By Jean, Member at Club Pilates Malabu-Lexington in KY. 

Jean (CP Mal-lex) Reformer (1)

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