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Health and Wellness Tips

Tips on how to add exercise in your routine

The hardest part of exercising is making it a weekly routine that actually fits into your busy schedule. It can take up to two months for your new routine to become an automatic habit of daily behavior. Stick with it, you'll thank yourself!

The Daily Dog Walk.

Taking your dog on a walk is usually a slower speed for a short amount of time. But let's face it, your dog wants more than that and so do you! Using this time to get your workout in as well as getting your dog's walk is the perfect way to get that cardio in. This doesn't mean you have to run. Briskly walking for at least 30 to 45 minutes will be sufficient in fat burning! You can even switch it up with one-minute walks alternating 30-second sprints to change your heart rate. This will be a great addition to your new routine as well as your furry friend!

Take Your Business Calls On The Treadmill!

If you are not bound to your desk while you take a couple of calls or even while sitting in on a conference call, take it on the treadmill. This gets you out of your desk, your legs moving, and your heart pumping! You can switch it up by walking sideways instead of straight.

Park Your Car Farther Away.

This is a simple, yet effective practice you can do every day and multiple times a day if you make a few errands. Parking farther forces you to walk to the far back of the parking lot. You will not waste your time searching the isles for a close spot. You will get your steps up to 10,000 per day easier with this method!

Stair Interval Workout At Work.

Opting to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator is always a healthier option. What if you could do it at your job? Here is how you can get that workout in by using the stairs in your building. Set an alarm for every 2 to 3 hours to spend a few minutes to do this interval workout. Sprint up a flight of stairs, walk back down so you have a chance to catch your breath. Repeat 5 times. If you want to add some intensity to your workout or change it up every few hours, try jumping with both feet up each stair, and jump back down. Squat 10 times once you reach the bottom, for a total of 3 sets.

Skip The Car All Together.

If you live in close proximity to your job, take your bike, or even walk there! Make sure you give yourself enough time to get there on time. This adds exercise to the beginning and ending to your workweek.  It doesn't just have to benefit you, because taking your bike or walking to work is an eco-friendly practice.

Use your kid as a weight.

You can use your kid as a weight when working out! Doing 3 to 5 reps by hugging him or her tight when you do squats will leave you feeling sore the next day. If your child is older, you can hold them on your back while you do sets of lunges. Also, you don't have to worry about who is watching them during your workout time! Make this routine when watching your favorite TV show.

Get A Standing Desk.

Frequently sitting day to day can have some serious consequences on your health. The recommendation for exercise is 3 to 5 days a week, and even if you get those days in, sitting most of the day can slow down your metabolism. Standing for long periods of time will burn more calories than when you are sitting in your office chair. There are also many health benefits that come with standing, some examples are - Lowering the risk of heart disease, lowers risk of type two diabetes, helps ease back pain, and increases or regulate your metabolism. Your body craves the upright position so this will be an easy daily routine to conquer!

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