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Tips to Starting a New Wellness Routine in Quarantine

Navigating these unpredictable times can be challenging enough. We have to take every single day for what it’s worth. Scheduling & making plans has become a thing of the past.

On top of that, trying to stick to a consistent fitness or wellness routine can feel quite impossible. I myself have felt the struggles of this lifestyle adjustment. But with dedication to myself and my overall wellbeing, I have sorted out a few tips that helped me jump back on track!

  1. Set Realistic Expectations:
    • Here’s the thing - we all want to say we will run 4 miles a day, only eat veggies, and drink 2 gallons of water - but is it realistic?
    • Find what works for YOUR body. If you have been eating a bit more than usual and not getting in as much movement as you used to - start slow!
    • Write yourself out a monthly plan: Week 1 - cut back on one or two bad eating habits. Week 2 - stick to those new eating habits and add a movement routine - maybe a walk, jog, or virtual class 4 days a week. Week 3 - add a bit more strictness to your meal plan. Week 4 - add in a little more fitness!
    • We are so individualized it is impossible for us all to follow the same wellness or fitness routine. So be intuitive - listen to your body and your needs. Slow progressive change is always better and more long-lasting than fasting or binge working out etc.

2) Stay Accountable:

    • Don’t lie, how many times have you thought about / written out a meal plan or workout plan and only actually stuck to it for a day or two. The hardest part about change and creating a habit is STICKING WITH IT. This is why creating realistic expectations is absolutely essential.
    • For me - writing down my exact daily routine (I mean literally exactly everything I expect of myself that day) is an absolute game changer for accountability. Each night before bed, write down your meals, your workout, your mental state practice, work tasks etc. As you go through the next day, check or cross off each thing that you accomplish! When you see something left unchecked or uncrossed it will push you to stay accountable.
    • My Fitness Pal is an amazing app where you can log your meals / your workout each day! It will show you your macro breakdown so you can see if you’re eating too much sugar, grains, fats, or not enough etc! This app really helps me stay accountable as it sends a reminder if you don’t log a meal or a workout. You can download it and try it out if you haven’t yet!

3) Schedule Self Care:

    • It’s common (in general) to neglect self care - but when you’re super focused on your physical appearance and eating well / working out enough, self care can easily take the back burner.
    • While scheduling out your daily routine, try to fit in self care - even if it’s just 10 minutes of your day for a guided meditation, a walk, or a podcast.
    • To function at your highest level and potential - your mental state is the most important component. You could have a rocking body and a killer eating / workout routine but if you’re mentally not aligned - what’s the point?
    • Make sure when creating a routine for yourself - you’re covering all your bases - physical, internal, and most importantly, mental!

I’ve linked below some of my favorite FREE youtube meditations to check out.

If you search on youtube ‘guided meditation for ____’ (whatever you’re in need of that day: anxiety, sleep, stress, relaxation, manifestation) there is guaranteed to be a free meditation in that category for you to follow!

Body Scan:

Anxiety / Overthinking:



Blog post by Somer Connolly, Club Pilates Instructor

Plus, a bonus meditation from our very own CP family member, Jenna Morris!



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