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Pilates Moves Explained: Why is Bridging Important?

Bridging is a major staple in any Pilates workout. This exercise improves the overall function throughout the body allowing clients to move easier and with less pain during their every day lives. Creating balance and realigning the body is the foundation of any bridge series.

Stretch out those hip flexors!

One of the major benefits to the bridge exercise is lengthening the hips. During an average person’s everyday life, a lot of time is spent sitting. Driving, flying, working in front of a computer, or even relaxing on the couch encourages tight and overly shortened hip flexors. These muscles tend to be overused and crave some length. When the hip flexors are tight, the spine compresses, the shoulders and head round forward, and joints begin to feel pain. Every bridge promotes hip extension helping to promote a more balanced core that stems into the rest of the body from head to toe.

Feel the booty burn!

Bridging also strengthens and defines the glutes and hamstrings. These muscles on the backside of the body tend to be underused. When a person stands up out of a chair, the glutes and hamstrings are imperative in proper body functionality. Unfortunately, most people activate their low back instead of using these proper muscles. Implementing the bridge series into your daily routine will train the body to move correctly and safely.

Protect the spine!

Improving your posture always improves the way you look and feel. People who stand up taller and prouder are inherently happier because they have more mobility and endure less pain. Slouching promotes compression into the spine and the surrounding joints. Bridging counteracts these stresses by instilling better posture and stronger supporting muscles.

Bridging simply gives space to the body by working the underused muscles and stretching out the overused muscles. This allows the body to have more room to function with ease. Along with your basic fitness goal of looking good, remember that bridging also makes you feel good. Improve your posture, feel the stretch, and enjoy the booty burn!

Try this movement on the Reformer or using the TRX!


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