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10 Reasons Why EveryBODY Needs Pilates

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"In my 20 plus years as a strength coach, I am always looking to build a foundation where my clients are strong, mobile, and well-conditioned! Pilates provides an ideal approach to build such a foundation through the use of such equipment as the Reformer, Springboard, and Exo Chair there are a myriad of ways to blend resistance, flexibility, and balance into an ideal conditioning program that can be tailored to meet anyone’s needs and goals!

The Pilates approach allows an individual to develop and maintain the mobility, stability, balance, strength and coordinative movement patterns to live an active lifestyle. Which is why I think ‘Do Pilates. Do Life.’ is so apropos!" – Allan Stephenson

Which of the following 10 reasons is yours?

Strengthen Your Powerhouse

A stronger core = a stronger you! “Traditional forms of exercise limit options for needing to strengthen the core, as most forms of exercise are high impact - unlike Pilates. The most valuable take away from Pilates is that it strengthens the body in all ranges of motion and focuses on strengthening the muscles that help support the whole body instead of overemphasizing the muscles that we overuse all”Dr. Alyssa Saterdalen, DC

Battle a Long Commute

Sitting for too long can be detrimental to your health. It’s hard to avoid this if you have a long commute to and from your job. One of our Pilates experts said that “Spending hours a week slouched in a car seat definitely can have negative consequences on your body—lack of core support, pelvic instability, poor posture. Pilates training is designed to help counter those issues by focusing on core strength, flexibility and increased range of motion for the joints.” – Taylor Bennett

Increase Flexibility

Although gaining flexibility doesn’t happen overnight, Pilates is a great way to get there! Traditional workouts consist of weights that target the contracting muscles in short motions. Pilates uses elongated movements and techniques that stretch out the muscles, training your whole body to become more flexible.

Feel More Energetic

Pilates (especially our CP F.I.T. and Cardio Sculpt) classes help get your heart rate up! Consistent exercise strengthens the wall muscles in the heart which in time will improve the functionally of the heart, resulting in more energy. On a cellular level, mitochondria are energy-producing organs within each cell. The more you exercise, the more mitochondria your body will make!

Improve Your Sports Ability

The core is the foundation of the body. A solid core increases the protection of your back and neck, which can prevent future debilitating injuries. Increased flexibility will also ensure that your muscles are protected from tearing or pulling. Pilates also boosts coordination through a focus of mind-body connection. Proper breathing, using correct muscles and moving with intention will be mirrored in the coordination you need for your sport.

Build Discipline

Have you ever gone to the gym and found yourself looking around with no idea of where to start? Or maybe you didn’t feel the workout was sufficient or were confused about what to target? Club Pilates certified instructors will give you guidance of exactly what movements to practice, what muscles should be working and how to do it safely. Pilates really puts your body to the test to focus and control your motions. Put your workouts into the hands of our instructors and they will have you leaving the studio physically and mentally fulfilled!

Boost Your Mood

Release endorphins and feel your best to tackle every day. Consistency with exercise is associated with a lower incidence of depression. When you exercise, there is a release in neurotransmitters and proteins called neurotrophic factors. These cause your nerves to create new connections and these new connections can improve your brain’s function and help combat depression. Released endorphins also give a feel-good spirit-lifting chemical throughout the bloodstream and brain.


Dr. Saterdalen dives deep into why Pilates can aid in rehab by telling us “As a chiropractor, I treat many patients with neck and back as well as shoulder, hip and knee injuries. I will adjust the spine to help the get back to a healthier state, but each injury or area of pain usually exists because of the overuse of the muscle. That is where Pilates makes a significant difference in achieving a healthier and stronger body. Pilates accesses the smaller muscles of the spine which provides more stability and strength, allowing better support for the larger joints while preventing injuries. The smaller muscles are the stabilizers of the spine and extremities. Pilates is the best low-impact exercise that allows people of all ages, young and old, to participate and build strength throughout the body and increase flexibility”. Many Physical Therapists across the globe send their patients to take Pilates classes.

Build Confidence

After one class you will feel a change in your body. After four classes you will begin to see the results take place with your body. Imagine what would happen with consistency and going beyond those four initial classes? When your body feels strong and confident, you feel confident. Pilates also elongates the spine, so you naturally stand taller throughout the day.

Relieve Stress

Pilates not only focuses a lot on your body, but also on your mind. During class sessions, you must pay close attention to breathing patterns. This helps calm the mind and leads you to forget about life outside the studio. Proper breathing and focus on the execution of precise movements relieve daily stress.


Allan Stephenson Certifications: CSCS (Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
FMS (Functional Movement Systems)
PN-I - Precision Nutrition Certified.
Trained through RKC-I (Russian Kettlebell Certification) and SFG II (Kettlebell Training)

Never tried Pilates? Try Club Pilates for FREE!


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