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3 Stretches In 1 Minute At Your Desk!

It's difficult to sit behind a desk all day. When you aren't able to get your usual workout in, you need other means of stimulating your muscles. Your anterior muscles tighten when in the sitting position all day. More specifically, your hip flexors, pectorals, traps, and your rectus femoris are forming muscle imbalances throughout the day, which makes them hard to stimulate later during physical activity. Ensure your muscles are relaxed, stretched, and more importantly, not continuously forming muscle imbalances. Take breaks from your busy work to practice these 3 desk stretches!

First, grab your trigger point ball - or tennis ball - and place it on the inside of your pec muscle on the tightened side of your body. Place the near hand over the ball and cross your opposite arm over your chest, placing your hands on top of one another. Press down with both hands as you roll the ball towards your armpit. Repeat several times. If you find a tight spot, turn your head away from the area, press the ball down into that specific area and rotate the ball over top. Now take the trigger ball and place it under your collar bone with your hands in the same placement. Roll the ball on the inside of your collar bone through your tight muscles down towards your chest. Repeat several times!

Vanessa_Desk Stretch-1


Second, turn your chair away from your desk so you are able to cross one leg over the other and bring your foot up to the top of your opposite knee. Flex your toe backward toward your shin, press your hands slightly against the inner part of your crossed leg, and lean forward. Keep your back as straight as possible and don't lean forward too much to the point where your spine starts to curve or hunch over. For a deeper stretch in this same position, turn your head. Repeat on with the other leg!  


Vanessa_Desk Leg Stretch


Third and final stretch! Standing up next to a wall, use the trigger point ball to place it on your lower back, where your jean pocket would be. Step back to where the ball is secured between yourself and the wall. Find a spot that feels nice and tight in the upper region of your glute. Press your body towards the wall to release tension and hold it in that area for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Vanessa_Wall Ball

Practice these three stretches at least 2 times during your work day! Be sure to get your exercises in too! Your workouts will be easier on your muscles after they are have been rolled out with your trigger point ball. If you don't have a trigger point ball at home, try a tennis ball! 


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