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Finding A Workout That Works For Me - Eileen's Story

I have been on and off what was formerly known as Weight Watchers since May of 2019. Knowing that the best way of losing weight would be to incorporate an exercise routine as well. My regular weekly schedule of water aerobics, yoga, as well as the bike and treadmill at the gym was getting boring for me. That was when I saw an ad for East Meadow Pilates. The first instructor I met was Lisa and I fell in love with the class. I was never one for exercise but Pilates really had a strong pull. I not only discovered I could do the exercises I enjoyed them as well.

Pilates has greatly enhanced my self-esteem and I feel good about myself. Everyone is at different levels and it’s nice to see participants improve and enhance their skills. With most other exercises, I would feel not up to par with others and give up. Not with Club Pilates. I am trying to be humble but after class, I feel a sense of pride and achievement. A desire to do another class.

By attending classes on a regular basis, taking at least 3 classes a week, I have not only lost 15 pounds but I am down two dress sizes since May! I am even developing a waist. My balance and core are definitely a lot stronger.

The Reformer is amazing. But for me, what I like best is the knowledge that I am developing more balance. I have always had a fear of falling. I have caught myself a few times almost falling outside of class and somehow subconsciously, I was able to tap into an exercise or something I learned from one of the amazing instructors and was able to prevent the fall. The classes are safe and the instructors all take notice and ensure the participants are practicing the exercises safely.

The practice of proper breathing is essential. Knowing how to breathe properly takes practice as you must be mindful of your concentration as it helps greatly. I find myself practicing proper breathing techniques during the day a lot now while driving or at work.

Something that I didn’t expect to gain from my classes is the friends that I have made here. The biggest surprise was meeting others that shared similarities with me, especially the same attitude about exercising. Please don't misunderstand me it's work but when you have found the space or completed the exercise the way it was intended to be done - it’s a real aha moment!

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Club Pilates is a safe place from when you open the door and say hello. The staff makes it a point to know your name and to greet you. They are respectful and introduce themselves at the very beginning of the class and ask for permission to assist the participants. Seriously, the entire staff is welcoming and encourages you to do your very best. If you feel you are not doing an exercise correctly they take time either quickly during the session or provide time after the session to assist you so you will know how to do it the next time. The instructors, staff, and other participants treat each other with dignity and respect.

The staff sends reminders to inform you of the classes that you have attended. They also check in with you if they haven't seen you in a while as a wellness check. Since I have become friends with a few other members. We have become a small support group and check in with each other to see that we are doing ok and signed up for classes.

I am extremely spoiled and fortunate because I have been able to take personal training classes with Victoria and she is amazing because she has assisted me in my Pilates practice. As mentioned before I have a fear of falling. After a few sessions, I actually did an exercise that had me safely standing on the Reformer. When the exercise was over I was in tears because I was so proud of my accomplishment. Club Pilates truly has made me a stronger person and I'm loving life. I'm living a dream.


-Eileen [Club Pilates East Meadow]


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